ZONSTREET is elegantly designed luminaire provides an innovative, energy efficient and cost effective solar street light solution. Inbuilt Li-ion battery and smart charge controller in pressure die cast aluminium housing provides self autonomy and best in class reliability.

Zonstreet 9W installation in Society Lucknow

Zonstreet 15W install inRoadway
Zonstreet street light installation in a Park Guwahati

Product Features

Self-autonomy >10days operation in cloudy conditions

Efficient charging even under cloudy conditions

Wireless - zero cabling cost; zero electricity cost

Fast & low installation cost - inbuilt Li+ battery

Self-installable and self-repairable

Automatic - On/Off (Dusk to Dawn)

Dimming (3 Stage) & Theft and water proof

Inbuilt smart charge controller + driver >97% efficiency

Separate solar panel- south facing for efficient charging

Technical Specifications

Design and finishing
ColorDark Grey
MaterialPressure die cast aluminium (Housing)
Glass (Optical cover/lens material)
Aluminium housing & polycrystalline cells(Solar panel)
Especially designed forRoadways, Petrol pumps
Campus, Factories, Village
Community Lighting, Farm houses
TypeSolar LED Street light
EyeComfortYes, diffused light effect
BatteryInbuilt Lithium-Ion battery
Smart Charge ControllerInbuilt, With >97% efficiency
Replacement forHPSV & MHL street lights
ProtectionBattery reverse & solar reverse
Extra feature/accessory incl.
Cables0.5m cable for solar panel
2.5m cable with Luminare
Self Autonomy>10days operation in cloudy conditions
Dusk to DawnAutomatic ON-OFF with inbuilt sensor
Packaging dimensions & weight
LXWXH455X210X70 mm (Li 2 & Li 3)
478X230X95 mm (Li 4)
Weight3.2 kg (Li 2 & Li 3)
5.2 kg (Li 4)
Technical specifications
ModelsLi 2
Li 3
Li 4
Wattage9W (Li 2)
15W (Li 3)
30W (Li 4)
Lumen Ouput1050lm (Li 2)
1650lm (Li 3)
3300lm (Li 4)
LEDYes, LM80
Solar Panel25W (Li 2)
40W (Li 3)
50W (Li 4)
Battery (Inbuilt Lithium ion )78WH (Li 2 & Li 3)
156WH (Li 4)
Charge time6 hrs
Dimming5hrs 100%- rest 50% (Li 2)
3hrs 100%- 3 hrs 60%- 6hrs 30% (Li 3,Li 4)
Lifetime>50,000hrs (LED)
≥1,000 cycles (Battery)
25years (Solar panel)
IP protectionIP65
Installation parameters
Pole height3-4m (Li 2)
4-5m (Li 3)
5-6m (Li 4)
Spacing between pole6-8m (Li 2)
8-10m (Li 3)
10-12m (Li 4)
Illumination(Lux)16 @ 4m (Li 2)
31 @ 4m (Li 3)
37 @ 5m (Li 4)
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