Zonstreet Lights up Lives in Rural Maharashtra

Much of rural India is still victimized by the effects of very frequent power cuts and power shortages across the nation. The urban population is still quite unaware of the struggles that small villages and towns have to go through. On the one hand, light is just a flick of a switch away for urban India. On the contrary, villages across the country are devoid of reliable electrical grid connectivity. The conventional lead-acid based street lights that are meant to solve these issues in these areas are vulnerable to frequent thefts.


Enter the Zonstreet Solar Powered Unwired Outdoor Lighting Solution

When Intelizon channel partner Atul Gondkar came to know about the intricacies faced by villages in Maharashtra, he contacted the Gram Panchayat who are a group of elders who head these villages. He explained to them that solar energy would be an excellent source of power and an absolute alternative to the grid based lighting. The design and technology that the Zonstreet entails are perfect for villages as the installation costs are low and maintenance costs are practically nil. It is a reliable source of clean energy and affordable energy for the village folk. The idea was perfectly in line with Intelizon’s mission of providing clean and affordable energy to communities who really need it. This simple idea along with the efficient electronics and pioneering technology of the Zon has the power to transform lives.

Why did the gram panchayats choose Zonstreet?

Our channel partner visited the Gram Panchayat with the Zon products to demonstrate just how they can help the community. He presented to them the luminaire with the in-built lithium ion battery and how the system is completely theft proof, unlike the lead acid battery based systems. The only operations the lighting needed was the on and off switch that anyone can do. All they needed to do was invest in the purchase of the lamps and practically nothing else. The luminaire powered by the highly optimized solar panel efficiently runs itself.

The Gram Panchayat was impressed by the first look of the products; so impressed, in fact, an initial order of 120 lamps made immediately. By the end of the year, Mr. Atul Gondkar was able to install up to 1500 lamps in villages across the state. So far, complaints related to the products or their maintenance has been extremely rare.

It Keeps Working

The communities have been satisfied with the on-field performance of Intelizon’s products. The Gram Panchayats have testified Zonstreet’s 5-year on-field operation with an official certificate. It is delightfully overwhelming for Intelizon to be awarded such an honor and an invaluable certification. Since the installation of the first solar lamp in 2011, the Sarpanchs are still in touch with Mr. Atul Gondkar and for their further demand of more lights every year. Even though Intelizon promised the communities minimum interaction for maintenance or any other issues, it wasn’t just a one-time transaction.

Every time they come back for more, the heads answer only three words on enquiring about the Zon’s performance. It keeps working!

If you would be interested in Intelizon’s solar outdoor lighting solutions, please contact our channel partner in Maharashtra, Mr. Atul Gondkar.

To have chat with him right away, here are his contact details.

Mr. Atul Gondkar
Phone number: 9881757800

Please connect with us at:

Phone number: 040 – 65894659 / 040-65144382
Email: marketing@intelizon.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/intelizon/

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