ZONSTREET IoT is our advanced solar LED street light designed with built-in lithium ion battery, smart charge controller and a motion sensor. It has an inbuilt GSM card which enables remote monitoring and diagnostics with ON/OFF/dimming of light via software/app.

Solar street light installation in Guwahati

Zonstreet 30W installation in Kohima

Zonstreet street light installation at Guest house

Product Features

Smart & versatile - remote monitoring & control

Self Autonomy >10 days operation in cloudy conditions

Intuitive user interface - quick & easy access via mobile app

Fast & low installation cost - inbuilt Li + battery;

Save energy with inbuilt motion sensor

Wireless - zero cabling cost; zero electricity cost

Self-installable and self-repairable

Automatic - On/Off (Dusk to Dawn), Dimming (3 Stage)

Inbuilt charge controller + driver >97% efficiency

Separate solar panel- south facing for efficient charging

Technical Specifications

Design and finishing
ColorDark Grey
MaterialPressure die cast aluminium (Housing)
Glass (Optical cover/lens material)
Aluminium housing & polycrystalline cells(Solar panel)
Especially designed forRoadways, Petrol pumps
Campus, Factories, Village
Community Lighting, Farm houses
TypeSolar LED Street light
EyeComfortYes, diffused light effect
BatteryInbuilt Lithium-Ion battery
Smart Charge ControllerInbuilt, With >97% efficiency
Replacement forHPSV & MHL street lights
ProtectionBattery reverse & solar reverse
Extra feature/accessory incl.
Cables0.5m cable for Solar panel
2.5m cable with Luminare
Charging Indication (LED)Green-ON
Red-ON (Battery low)
Self Autonomy>10days operation in cloudy conditions
Dusk to DawnAutomatic ON-OFF with inbuilt sensor
Motion SensorYes, Light intensity varies with movement
Remote- On/Off/Dim lights through mobile app
Installation parameters
Pole height4-5m (Li3G/W/H)
5-6m (Li4+G/W/H)
6-7m (Li5+G/W/H)
7-8m (Li6+G/W/H)
Spacing between pole8-10m (Li3G/W/H)
10-14m (Li4+G/W/H)
12-16m (Li5+G/W/H)
14-18m (Li6+G/W/H)
Illumination(Lux)31 @ 4m(Li3G/W/H)
37 @ 5m(Li4+G/W/H)
37 @ 6m(Li5+G/W/H)
37 @ 7m(Li6+G/W/H)
Technical specifications
ModelsLi3 G/W/H
Wattage15W (Li3G/W/H)
30W (Li4+G/W/H)
40W (Li5+G/W/H)
50W (Li6+G/W/H)
Lumen Ouput1650 lm (Li3G/W/H)
3300 lm (Li4+G/W/H)
5250 lm (Li5+G/W/H)
6750 lm (Li6+G/W/H)
LEDYes, LM80
Solar Panel40W (Li3G/W/H)
50W (Li4+G/W/H)
60W (Li5+G/W/H)
75W (Li6+G/W/H)
Battery (Inbuilt Lithium ion )77WH (Li3G/W/H)
154WH (Li4+G/W/H & Li5+G/W/H)
231WH (Li6+G/W/H)
Charge time6 hrs
Continuous channels1 (Li3G/W/H)
1 (Li4+G/W/H)
2 (Li5+G/W/H & Li6+G/W/H)
Motion Sensor channelsNA (Li3G/W/H)
1 (Li4+G/W/H)
2 (Li5+G/W/H & Li6+G/W/H)
Fixture dimmable3hrs 100% - 3 hrs 60% - 6hrs 30%
Motion Sensor channelsNA (Li3G/W/H)
1 (Li4+G/W/H)
2 (Li5+G/W/H & Li6+G/W/H)
Lifetime>50,000hrs (LED)
≥1,000 cycles (Battery)
25years (Solar panel)
IP protectionIP65
Packaging dimensions & weight
LXWXH395X185X95 mm (Li3G/W/H)
478X230X95 mm (Li4+G/W/H & Li5+G/W/H)
510X290X67 mm (Li6+G/W/H)
Weight3 kg (Li3G/W/H)
5.2 kg (Li4+G/W/H & Li5+G/W/H)
8.2 kg (Li6+G/W/H)
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