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ZONSTREET IoT is our advanced solar LED street light designed with built-in lithium ion battery, smart charge controller and a motion sensor. It has an inbuilt GSM card which enables remote monitoring and diagnostics with ON/OFF/dimming of light via software/app.

Solar street light installation in Guwahati
Zonstreet 30W installation in Kohima

Zonstreet 30W installation in Kohima

Zonstreet street light installation at Guest house

Zonstreet street light installation at Guest house

Product Features

Smart & versatile - remote monitoring & control

Self Autonomy >10 days operation in cloudy conditions

Intuitive user interface - quick & easy access via mobile app

Fast & low installation cost - inbuilt Li+ battery

Save energy with inbuilt motion sensor

Wireless - zero cabling cost; zero electricity cost

Self-installable and self-repairable

Automatic - On/Off (Dusk to Dawn), Dimming (3 Stage)

Inbuilt charge controller + driver >97% efficiency

Separate solar panel- south facing for efficient charging

Technical Specifications

Design and finishing
Color Dark Grey
Material Pressure die cast aluminium (Housing)
Glass (Optical cover/lens material)
Aluminium housing & polycrystalline cells(Solar panel)
Especially designed for Roadways, Petrol pumps
Campus, Factories, Village
Community Lighting, Farm houses
Type Solar LED Street light
EyeComfort Yes, diffused light effect
Shockproof Yes
Battery Inbuilt Lithium-Ion battery
Smart Charge Controller Inbuilt, With >97% efficiency
Breakable No
Replacement for HPSV & MHL street lights
Protection Battery reverse & solar reverse
Extra feature/accessory incl.
Cables 0.5m cable for Solar panel
2.5m cable with Luminare
Charging Indication (LED) Green-ON
Red-ON (Battery low)
Self Autonomy >10days operation in cloudy conditions
Dusk to Dawn Automatic ON-OFF with inbuilt sensor
Motion Sensor Yes, Light intensity varies with movement
Remote- On/Off/Dim lights through mobile app
Installation parameters
Pole height 4-5m (Li3G/W/H)
5-6m (Li4+G/W/H)
6-7m (Li5+G/W/H)
7-8m (Li6+G/W/H)
Spacing between pole 8-10m (Li3G/W/H)
10-14m (Li4+G/W/H)
12-16m (Li5+G/W/H)
14-18m (Li6+G/W/H)
Illumination(Lux) 31 @ 4m(Li3G/W/H)
37 @ 5m(Li4+G/W/H)
37 @ 6m(Li5+G/W/H)
37 @ 7m(Li6+G/W/H)
Technical specifications
Models Li3 G/W/H
Wattage 15W (Li3G/W/H)
30W (Li4+G/W/H)
40W (Li5+G/W/H)
50W (Li6+G/W/H)
Lumen Ouput 1650 lm (Li3G/W/H)
3300 lm (Li4+G/W/H)
5250 lm (Li5+G/W/H)
6750 lm (Li6+G/W/H)
LED Yes, LM80
CCT 5700-6500K
CRI >80
Solar Panel 40W (Li3G/W/H)
50W (Li4+G/W/H)
60W (Li5+G/W/H)
75W (Li6+G/W/H)
Battery (Inbuilt Lithium ion ) 77WH (Li3G/W/H)
154WH (Li4+G/W/H & Li5+G/W/H)
231WH (Li6+G/W/H)
Charge time 6 hrs
Continuous channels 1 (Li3G/W/H)
1 (Li4+G/W/H)
2 (Li5+G/W/H & Li6+G/W/H)
Motion Sensor channels NA (Li3G/W/H)
1 (Li4+G/W/H)
2 (Li5+G/W/H & Li6+G/W/H)
Fixture dimmable 3hrs 100% - 3 hrs 60% - 6hrs 30%
Motion Sensor channels NA (Li3G/W/H)
1 (Li4+G/W/H)
2 (Li5+G/W/H & Li6+G/W/H)
Lifetime >50,000hrs (LED)
≥1,000 cycles (Battery)
25years (Solar panel)
IP protection IP65
Packaging dimensions & weight
LXWXH 395X185X95 mm (Li3G/W/H)
478X230X95 mm (Li4+G/W/H & Li5+G/W/H)
510X290X67 mm (Li6+G/W/H)
Weight 3 kg (Li3G/W/H)
5.2 kg (Li4+G/W/H & Li5+G/W/H)
8.2 kg (Li6+G/W/H)
Warranty 2years
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