Zonstreet CCTV Effectively Combines 24X7 Surveillance with Best Outdoor Solar Lights

Zonstreet CCTV is a perfect outdoor solar lighting solution which is also providing wireless security surveillance & monitoring of light from remote locations. Advances in current technologies allow remote monitoring of surveillance systems even from hard to reach locations. Gone are those days when security cameras needed to be hardwired into a monitoring station for providing real-time surveillance. Solar lighting & cameras for grid-free security is a fact of life. Cameras nowadays are outfitted with wireless technology & are able to transmit real-time images even to mobile phones.

Accessing Surveillance Data through Mobile Phones

It is now conveniently possible to view live & recorded CCTV images on the go. Android phones, iPhone & other devices like iPad have made this a reality. All you need to do is download the app & connect the CCTV system to the internet. Zonstreet CCTV features an inbuilt CCTV camera along with WiFi router & memory card which provides backup of 1 week at least. Our digital surveillance systems are designed for a wide range of scenarios like hospitals, campuses, factories & other premises. Zonstreet CCTV effectively combines the best of solar lighting with the latest CCTV technology. The reality of viewing live images of your CCTV camera on your mobile phone is now a commonplace. 


Lithium Ion Battery at the Heart of Zonstreet CCTV

Lithium-ion batteries are some of the most efficient rechargeable batteries available these days. InteliZon pioneers in making them work for their solar systems.  Lithium-ion batteries which form the heart of Zonstreet CCTV are much lighter than other types of batteries. These batteries can store large amounts of energy & which is so essential to working with solar power. Lithium-ion batteries can also handle numerous charge/discharge cycles in comparison with other types.

Advantages of Zonstreet CCTV Solar Street Lights

Zonstreet CCTV is independent of utility grid & therefore results in minimizing operational costs. These are wireless lights that are not connected to any electricity provider. Zonstreet CCTV is self-autonomous and only depends upon sunlight for storing as much energy as it can throughout the day. It requires very little maintenance in comparison with traditional street lights. Moreover, there is a very little risk of accidents since they do not have external wires. Zonstreet CCTV is Eco-friendly & solely dependent upon the solar panel for harvesting energy. Without leaving any carbon footprints, it is a handy solution to outdoor lighting problems. 

Essential Components of Zonstreet CCTV System

Zonstreet CCTV is a raised outdoor light source. Powered by photovoltaic panels mounted on lighting structure & connected to the pole, these PV panels are attached to a rechargeable lithium ion battery which charges to maximum levels even on cloudy days. This battery is meant to provide power to LED lamp throughout the night. Additionally equipped with an inbuilt 3 megapixel CCTV camera that runs on solar power during daytime & battery at night.

Zonstreet CCTV is the Most innovative Solar Street Lighting System

Zonstreet CCTV features the first indigenous designed motion sensor along with inbuilt lithium ion battery based outdoor solar street light. Zonstreet CCTV is designed to automatically adjust the brightness of LED light depending upon the movement under the light. This smart motion sensor enables efficient usage of the battery for performing uninterrupted dusk to dawn operation. Zonstreet CCTV is a highly reliable outdoor street light which involves minimum setup costs while providing a high return on investment (ROI). When you choose to install Zonstreet CCTV, you get the best of 24X7 surveillance & outdoor street lights rolled in one!

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