Zonpower is the Most Innovative Solar Rooftop Solution

Every home expects to receive uninterrupted power. With advanced technology we now have a choice of how we meet these requirements. While cost is still a matter of concern, dependability on the source of energy is also quite important. Considering these factors there is nothing more reliable than the sun. There cannot be anything better than having a rooftop & your own solar power plant providing electricity to the house.


Zonpower from InteliZon

Zonpower by InteliZon is typically a solar DC system which consists of rooftop solar panels, charge controller, lithium ion batteries, mobile charging port, fans & LED lights which run on Direct Current (DC). The working of the system involves generating DC electricity through sunlight falling on the rooftop solar panels. Zonpower provides storage of excessive power in batteries & which can be effectively utilized during the night. Zonpower is ideal for rural households who do not require extensive power loads & are still not associated with the grid.

Get the Best Solar DC System for Your Home

Solar DC system is basically technology which works without the help of an inverter. DC systems simply use complete DC solutions & eliminate requirement of any AC to DC & DC to AC conversions. Since large amounts of energy is lost during conversions, DC systems end up saving almost 30 to 40 percent of solar energy. As a result this technique is able to provide more stored powered backup with smaller sized batteries & solar panels. DC systems are therefore more cost effective than their counterparts. Zonpower solar rooftop solutions & products are designed & developed to suit DC technology & which can be easily installed in or near off-grid homes. Zonpower can also be effectively integrated with AC grid-power supply providing 24X7 backup as well. In such a scenario Zonpower will help you save almost 50% of your electricity bills.

Installing Solar Photovoltaic (PV) Panel

Even though solar PV system is capable of generating electricity through direct or scattered sunlight, it would be sensible to assess amount of sunlight which is available at the rooftop where it is to be installed. Ideal orientation of solar PV panel will be helpful in collecting maximum sunlight. Solar PV panels should be installed in such a location that sunlight is not obstructed by trees or adjoining buildings.

Inbuilt Lithium Ion Battery

The inbuilt lithium ion battery which comes with the Zonpower system is a portable & modular low-cost solution. The PCU & battery of Zonpower is integrated into a single casing. This lithium ion battery is equipped with advanced electronics & is the first of its kind in portable & modular solar rooftop systems. Lithium ion battery is considered to be the best for solar rooftop systems since overall efficiency of the system depends upon the type of battery which is utilized. It is therefore very important to choose the right type of components for effective use of solar PV systems.

Other Components of Zonpower Solar Rooftop System

Realizing that different homes have different requirements, Zonpower provides multiple packages catering to a variety of applications. Components which are essential to Zonpower package include battery, PCU, solar panel & a variety of DC compatible loads like bulbs, LED tube-lights, downlight, fans, TV, 2×2 fixtures & mobile chargers. Zonpower is so simple to install & scalable system which also allows remote controlled dimming of tube lights & fans. AC/DC adapter is however optional & is meant for homes which are already connected to grid electricity & are keen to integrate solar power with the existing system.

Changing the Future of Energy with Solar Power

It is estimated that earth receives 173,000 terawatts of energy in a year. This is a great source which is about 10,000 times more than what is required by us humans. Solar energy is the most elegant solution for our requirements of energy. The sun is in fact doing us an exceptional favor by blasting more than enough energy than we require. Moreover, this will last as long as there is life on earth. Zonpower is a small step towards realizing this cherished goal!

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