Zonhome: A Home system freed of inverters, charged by solar


The most basic amenities in a house are usually never talked about. It is now taken for granted that any house has a few must-have electrical appliances that we absolutely can’t live without. They are of course the fan, lights, and lamps. These appliances use Alternating Current(AC) Voltage to run. As we know, the electricity supply to all homes accessing the grid is AC current. As such it may seem convenient to use AC home appliances. Any DC (Direct Current) appliances would require an AC-DC inverter to function.


The reason why AC is preferred over DC for transmission grid-wide is that it is easier to induce changes in its Voltage. It can be used by different appliances within the grid, without causing damage to the appliance or break of the flow of current. There is however much more power loss during transmission for AC, as it is affected by resistive, capacitive and inductive factors. DC is only affected by the resistive factor.

Highway to Smarter Electricity

The next step toward sustainability is the integration of both AC and DC systems into the home appliance scene. As DC saves around 30-40% in power consumption, it will be a great step to have some appliances use DC power. This type of integration has seen a breakthrough in recent times with the availability of many appliances that use DC power, either by conversion from AC or by means of other power sources like batteries and solar panels. There are many other added advantages for the use of DC appliances. They are less prone to short-circuit and a shock from a DC source won’t bite as much as an AC source.


So what devices can you use at home with DC current? The usual fans, lights, and bulbs which are generally a key part of any home-based electrical system can be integrated to DC power sources such as batteries or solar. But since these are for home use, it makes sense to use solar for this application as batteries will need to be changed after frequent use of the appliances. The best part about solar based home systems is that you don’t need to pay for the electricity or the battery, and can run the appliances for free.


Intelizon focusses on the integration of solar energy into modern systems of power production, thus reducing costs in a more environmentally sustainable, greener and cleaner way. We have newly come up with a home-based solar DC powered appliance system that can power your fans, lights and TV set. A solar based DC power system shows a leap in green, environmentally sustainable technology and electricity savings. Zonhome is a system that shows great promise, powering most of your electrical appliances and growing exponentially into the markets with its sustainable design and alternative approach to electricity consumption mitigation. Zonhome works best when coupled with our plethora of solar powered devices – Zonbulb, Zonlamp, solon Bulb, Fan, Tubelights and Television.

Cleanly Deeds Done Dirt Cheap

For a brighter, safer, cleaner and greener future, Intelizon is taking huge strides in the development of feasible, smart and efficient energy production. Join the revolution as we make the world more intelligent by making it more solar. Intelligent homes are powered by Zonhome. What about you?

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