It is a smart DC inverter based solution fulfilling your electricity needs 24×7. It’s a complete bundle providing a solar/grid/hybrid inverter-based lithium-ion battery, solar panel, adapter & low power consumption appliances with cables. It is the most reliable replacement for any conventional inverters & high power consumption appliances.

Perfect solution for Hostels- Zonpower, complete set of DC inverter & appliances with longer backup & reduced electricity bills
With Zonpower enjoy 50% savings in electricity bills & increase productivity with backup and longer working hours
Rural Residential application: Harvest your own electricity with Intelizon Zonpower solution (set of solar panel, inverter & DC appliances

Product Features

Complete one shot solution to make hassle free life

LVDC technology - No fear of electric shocks

Plug-in Plug-out system - Portable & Self installable

Wide Voltage range SMPS power supply - works as a voltage stabilizer

Inbuilt Lithium-ion battery - No maintenance

Smart LED Display - shows battery status & backup hour

High-efficiency electronics & thermal management

ProductDC Inverter
BulbTubelightFanCharge TimeSolar PanelAdapter AC/DCRun time
Grid Based Models
ZP-30G-2B1F30WH/LI3W+3WN/A6W WF3.5hOptional5V, 1A2.5-10 hrs
ZP-35G-2B1F35WH/LI3W+3WN/A6W WF2.5hOptional19V, 4A3-11hrs
ZP-70G-1B1TL1PF70WH/LI5W18W 4ft15W PF5hOptional19V, 4A2-14hrs
ZP-70G-1B1TL1CF70WH/LI5W18W 4ft25W CF5hOptional19V, 4A1.5-14hrs
ZP-100G-1B2TL1CF100WH/LI5W18W+18W25W CF7hOptional19V, 4A1.5-20hrs
Solar Based Models
ZP-30S-2B1F30WH/LI3W+3WN/A6W5h10WOptional2.5-10 hrs
ZP-100S-1B1TL1PF100WH/LI5W18W 4ft15W PF3h60WOptional2.5-20 hrs
ZP-400S-1BTL1CF400WH/LI5W18W 4ft25W CF4h150WOptional7-75 hrs
ZP-400S-1BTL1CF400WH/LI5W18W+18W25W CF4h150WOptional6.5-75 hrs
*Optional-At Extra cost to make it Hybrid base models *2 ports for Radio & Mobile Charging + 3m extension cables with all models **Abbrivation: B-Bulb; TL-Tublelight; WL-Wall fan; PF-Pedestral fan; CF-Ceiling fan
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