Your Home Lighting System, Powered by Sun.

solar home lighting system

Life is all so beautiful when you just picked a hot mug of coffee, switched on the lights and fan, and moved from one channel to another on the TV until you saw your favourite hero perform his signature steps.

These events are typically called an average day in a person’s life, Now imagine a life with no electricity or a day off the grid, the very thought will have you shudder in fear.

Technology operated by electricity has become so much a part of life for an average urban dweller, and we wish to keep it that way, however, let’s accept the fact that we still live in an era of constant power cuts which threaten our lifestyle.

Thanks to our homegrown innovators we are now having access to Solar Home Lighting systems which comes with multiple benefits, and to top it all we are assured of an uninterrupted supply of electricity.

Let’s Talk About the Benefits of Home Solar Lighting System:

  • Lower / 0 power bills: We have grown up with this phrase “Nothing comes free in this world” but it looks like we have been wrong, nature provides us with abundance for free it’s just that we failed to acknowledge it, Solar energy for home is generated from solar panels mounted on the rooftop, The power is generated at your home for your home we need not rely on power grids to transport electricity, hence bringing your power bills to a bare minimum.
  • Eco – Friendly: Many feel guilty about not having contributed to the environment, we cannot avoid taking our car to the office or our household drainage flowing into the sea ultimately, but using solar power to light up your home can help us contribute to the environment. Solar energy power is drawn from sunlight it does not require smoke emitting fossil fuels to charge up the gadgets which ultimately leads to lesser carbon footprints. Statistic says nearly 17% carbon footprints are left by lights which are the most used electrical appliance, now if you decide to be an environment warrior now is the time.
  • Adds Aesthetic Value: Now with Innovation in solar-powered gadgets, more and more solar gadget manufacturers are focusing more on adding aesthetic value to your solar lights the solar inverters, solar fans, and solar light bulbs and tube lights look more trendy and sleek, compared to the conventional electrical appliances.
  • No Power Cuts: The solar home lighting systems work independently, it does not rely on huge power grids to transport electricity, in the conventional format a broken transformer in the neighbourhood would mean days without electricity, Now you can sit back and relax while the world around you is engulfed in the darkness you will be assured of a full power backup for days.
  • Easy Installation: The advertisement in the ’80s used a famous term Fill It, Shut It and forget it, to indicate the mileage given by their bikes, Today solar lighting systems are giving the phrase a run for its money, the advanced solar home inverters can coin the Phrase in 2 sentences “Fit It and Forget it “it is so sleek and handy and we can fit this to any corner of the room, without having the fear of being electrocuted.
  • Adds Aesthetic Value: Now with Innovation in solar-powered gadgets, more and more solar gadget manufacturers are focusing more on adding aesthetic value to your solar lights the solar inverters, solar fans, and solar light bulbs and tube lights look more trendy and sleek, compared to the conventional electrical appliances.

We all understand that Electricity allows us the power to use the technology we use every day.

Despite surviving centuries without it before, we have come to depend on it to complete our everyday tasks and have built our lives around it.

Solar energy gives us the freedom to live an off the grid lifestyle using alternate energy source without having to compromise on our everyday needs. 

With the solar panels on our rooftop, we will be no longer called power consumers, we will be called environment warriors.


1. Eco-Friendly: The need for green energy is the need of the environment. With fossil fuels emitting smoke and releasing pollutants into the environment, alternatives were being explored and researched for Solar energy to replace the everyday usage of fuel power electricity. 

Solar lights work on the Solar energy which ultimately is eco-friendly.

2. Lowers Power Consumption Bills: Solar power for the house is generated by the solar panels, mounted on the terrace or the ground. The electricity meant for consumption is, therefore, generated locally and used.

Since there is no transit for electricity to travel from a grid to the place of utilization, the bills generated for solar-powered electrical appliances, like solar lights are minimal. With these lights at home, you need not worry about your bills shooting up.

3. Net Metering: This is a facility that makes using solar lights and other solar-powered equipment profitable. A government initiative, net metering is aimed at encouraging solar power usage by giving credits for surplus solar power.

A part of the extra power is stored in the batteries and the rest is sent back to the grid which lowers the solar power bills immediately. The stored power is enough to light up all the solar lights in the house the night through.

4. Reduces Carbon Footprints: Lights are the most used electrical appliances in the households. When powered by non-renewable energy, it leaves carbon footprints all over.

Available statistics state that of the total carbon footprints in the environment 17% is contributed by lights alone. It is can only be deduced now as to how much carbon footprints can be reduced if the world chooses to opt for solar light.

5. Safer: An electric bulb or light needs to be handled with care. With electrical appliances, the fear of being electrocuted or of experiencing electric shocks is inevitable.

With a solar light, this aspect of fear is negated. However, it must be clearly understood that solar panels are not safe to be touched when the Sun is still shining or they are wet.

6. Aesthetically Appealing: Solar lights come in various shapes and sizes. Softer solar lights for decoration are appealing.

However, most of the indoor solar lights use LED or fluorescent lights. Unless one is sensitive and have issues with fluorescent lights, these are absolutely usable indoors.

7. Solar Tube Lights: One of the options for indoor solar lighting is the tube lights. Flexible and small, these lights can be fixed up in the corners where the brighter lights meant for the whole room cannot reach.

8. Portable Lamps: Meant for indoor use, portable solar lamps are easy to carry. Mostly used as emergency lamps, these lights are bright and lasts long.

9. Independent of the Main Power Source: Electrical lights are source dependent. A power means a blackout for as many hours as the power supply does not come back on.

With solar power lights, power cuts do not matter. Once the Sun goes down, solar lights operate on the stored solar energy, drawing it out from the batteries.

10. Easy Installation: Indoor solar lights come with inbuilt batteries and no wires. Hence these can be self-installed.

The only care to be taken is that the installation is done at a place where the light receives a good amount of sunlight so that the batteries may self-charge.

Conclusion: Solar energy is still being explored and newer avenues are being researched on.

Indoor solar lighting, as of now, has a good standing in the market, mostly for decor. Though there are bright solar lights too, all of them are fluorescent incandescent. This becomes a problem for the ones who are sensitive to too much brightness.

Like the outdoor lighting, indoor lighting still has some time to reach its peak. However, the benefits of solar lighting have surely made its mark and have become undeniable towards saving the environment today.

Your Home Lighting System, Powered by Sun.

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