Wireless Surveillance

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Wireless surveillance

Safety and environmentally friendly solutions are the benchmark as we move towards smart cities. Inadequate lighting of streets can lead to higher crime rates. It can threaten the personal security of entire families. Cameras can provide additional deterrent to prevent crime.

Zonstreet CCTV Combines 24X7 Surveillance with Best Outdoor Solar lighting Inbuilt lithium-ion based solar street lights with integrated CCTV cameras is the perfect solution to provide best in class security. The entire system runs on electricity generated solar panels during the day and on batteries at night. 4G wireless hotspots powered by solar and battery provide remote live surveillance capability. The live streaming video can be seen on your laptop or mobile phone anytime and from anyplace. 30days of video feed is stored on an inbuilt SD card and can be accesed anytime. Additionaly, video can also be stored locally on computers or cloud. The wireless system is also environmentally friendly as it has no dependence on the grid.


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