Will Heat Help or Hinder Production of Solar Energy?

The future of solar energy has never been brighter. Demand for electricity is expected to increase in all parts of the world in the days to come. Solar companies & farms are coming up across every country & in some places, about 20 percent of homes are having solar installations. In several countries, there are large scale investments by state governments for capturing solar energy generated by rooftop photovoltaic panels. These projects are aimed to drive down power bills of households.

Will Heat Help or Hinder Production of Solar Energy

Growing Popularity of Solar Energy

Despite popularity, there are still some misconceptions about the working of solar cells. First & foremost lingering misconception is that whether solar panels become less efficient in extreme heat. It is understood that the perfect temperature for efficient working of a solar panel is about 250C. Quite like a silicon chip inside a computer, solar panels also do not work the best when there is extreme heat. Hot starts to some seasons can be bad news for solar panels.

Will Heat Help or Hinder Solar Power Generation?

Demand for electricity will drive up in sweltering heat as many will switch on their air conditioners. Though it is easy to assume that blazing sunshine will boost the generation of solar energy, this is not the case anyway. Hot days actually produce less solar power since the panels get so hot. Heat from the sun, in fact, degrades the efficiency of the solar panel. Conditions which are perfect for solar energy are a strong sun alongside a cold atmosphere.

Conditions Which Work Best for Solar Energy

The perfect temperature which is most efficient for the generation of solar energy is about 250 Centigrade. However, this is not the atmospheric temperature but refers to the temperature at the solar panel. Solar power generation output will decline by about half a percent for every degree above this optimum. Nevertheless, if the temperature is 100C above the normal, it will only be underperforming 5 percent only & which is not much.

Solar Energy is All About Light & Not Heat

Solar Photovoltaic (PV) & Solar Thermal are different methods of solar energy production. Solar thermal harnesses heat of the sun, & operates more like a coal-fired power station. It boils water to generate steam. However, most of the rooftop solar panels & solar farm projects are photovoltaic oriented. Eventually, they convert solar light into electricity. When light shines on a solar panel, in turn, it generates free electrons that travel to become a conductor when exposed to light. This is the basic working of a solar panel. However, extreme heat hinders this process because of the basic physical properties of a semiconductor.

Is Heat Bad for Electricity Bills?

No, it is not so. Although output from solar panels for households are likely to drop, in no way it means that homes stop producing power or be producing less power than required. Heat is not a show stopper but is still very useful during heat-waves. With a good system, your solar panels should power your house throughout. It may, however, produce 30-kilowatt hours during the day instead of 40-kilowatt hours, but with a reasonably efficient home system, this would be way more than enough.

Outdoor Solar Street Lights in Heat Wave Conditions

Designing outdoor solar street lights for hot environments require special attention. For them to work in extreme temperature environments need both, efficiency & precision. Intelizon is up for challenges anytime. Heated environments have plenty of sunshine. Changes in temperature are required to be addressed for choosing the right solar street light suitable for that particular region. Of the many models available with Intelizon, engineers here would choose the right product which will protect the lamp from overheating. Heat waves are natural occurrences but solar panels can be adjusted by making a bigger bracket & setting up a reclining angle. Intelizon makes the most innovative & sustaining state-of-the-art outdoor solar street light options that efficiently work in all types of environments.

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