Why Video Analytics is considered a game changer?

Video Analytics or Intelligent Video Analytics is not some high-end technology gadget which is used by investigators in sci-fi movies Video Analytics is a humble device which can be used at home, office, malls or streets which needs CCTV camera surveillance 24/7, Video Analytics minimizes Human interference in monitoring movements captured by CCTV cameras which otherwise takes hours or sometimes days to find or detect what you are looking for.

In the recent past, Solar powered CCTV wireless cameras with Video Analytics are much in demand, since it runs uninterrupted and has played a vital role in assisting business intelligence departments which handles a large number of people or security of large areas such as industrial complex or open streets.

Now the question is why Intelligent Video Analytics is considered a game changer?

Well; if you imagine a railway crossing or a deserted street which would not have any activity for hours. Using a traditional CCTV monitoring system a security person has to sit that many hours or sometimes days to monitor or detect the movement or particular event he is looking for which was considered cumbersome owing to which some specific or critical information has been missed out.

The new age Intelligent Video Analytics behaves such as a human does,
As it monitors the video, the software identifies and collates video data based on patterns or events, or a specific surge in movements via video analysis of monitored environments. Based on these monitored data video analytics generates automatic alerts for the surveillance team to facilitate timely action or identify patterns and incidents based on the data produced. In simple terms, we can also call the function of video analytics is motion detection with a fixed background and also advanced ego-motion estimation. Video Analytics uses sophisticated sensors, Motion Detectors, image compression techniques, and connectivity techniques.

These advanced technology used in video analytics has enhanced Inter and Intra department coordination for better analysis of trends, behavioural patterns, and incidents, and also helped them better organize and share insights with peers for enabling precise decisions and judgments.

The results shown through Intelligent Video analytics has been commendable it is widely used in departments of Road and public safety, law enforcement, and also have been successfully used in Industries, Banks, Educational Institutions and even homes to monitor activities, The video analytics is designed to provide only data of relevance which requires attention, These data’s are then later dissected and used to solve a crime or take corrective measures which helps save cost, improve infrastructure or social wellbeing.

With the current COVID 19 crises, the demand for solar-powered CCTV with Video Analytics has soared to monitor movements in containment areas, Hospitals, Roads and other public areas to contain the spread of COVID 19, and it is cost effective and eco-friendly too.

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