Why Solar and LED Lights make the Perfect Combination

The search for clean and renewable energy has taken a while, but we are now quickly transforming the world for the better. Solar energy is one of the best solutions to power our planet while minimizing the damage we cause to the environment. Futuristic solar technology should be combined with equally good lights. Leading researchers in the field of solar lighting found that LED lights are highly efficient, utilize less energy and are a lot brighter than conventional lights. The combination of LED lights and solar energy go together as well as the classic cookies and cream duet. The other reasons why they are the perfect combination are:


Longer Life Span

Good solar panels last for at least 25 years, making them the most durable lighting solution at the moment.

LED lights are made very differently from regular incandescent lights and bulbs. They also happen to utilize less energy and have a life span that extends way beyond those of incandescent lights.

Highly Efficient

Solar panels are highly efficient since they absorb the energy from the sun’s rays during the day and store them. The energy gathered from the sun during the day, is good enough last the entire night.

LED lights being one of the most efficient lighting solutions around today, utilize very less energy while producing a much brighter light. LEDs utilize around 90% less energy than regular incandescent lights.

Low Maintenance

Initially the installation of solar lights leans towards the expensive side. However, once the lights are installed, you can bid adieu to electricity bills. There is usually nothing that really goes wrong with the light because of the kind of material used. This means that the amount spent on maintenance is almost negligible.

LED lights are more costly than incandescent not need to replace them quickly. LEDs last for an average of 7 years when used continuously. This bulbs and tubes. However, since they utilize less power and last for a much longer period of time, one does means that in the long run, LED lights work out to a lot cheaper than traditional lighting. It also means that LEDs are a much better solution.

Environmentally Friendly Energy

Solar lighting is eco-friendly. Regular energy is derived from mining forests and burning non-renewable fossil fuels, which cause drastic environmental damage and climatic change. Solar energy on the other hand is clean and does not cause any harm to our planet, making it the perfect energy solution for today and the future.

While incandescent lights and bulbs burn a lot more electricity and use toxic substances such as mercury during their manufacturing process, LED lights do not. LEDs are also recyclable unlike regular lights.


While regular energy generation and lighting solutions can be dangerous due to the passage of electricity through wires and transformers before reaching you. A break or tear in the wire, contact with water and so on could give a person a shock. With solar lights the chances of getting a shock are negligible.

Incandescent lights and bulbs heat up to very high temperatures and there is always a risk of getting burned or causing a fire. LED lights do not produce heat no matter how long they’re left on for. If a person happens to touch an LED light, there is absolutely no chance of getting burned.

Utilizes Direct Current Instead of Alternating Current

Traditional street lights use Alternating Current (AC), which means that it requires a converter to power the light. Due to this, energy is lost during the process of conversion. Solar lights are a lot more efficient because they directly use the sun’s energy. This is the reason why solar lights utilize less wattage while being able to provide much better and brighter light.

LEDs work on direct current and do not require a converter. This means that the final output is extremely efficient. In fact, LEDs provide the best lumen per watt ratio, making them the new and preferred lighting solution for the world.

There have been many advancements in the field of solar energy such as wireless outdoor lighting. To know more about the latest developments in the world of solar lighting check out Intelizon.

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