What is Integrated Solar Street Light?

Innovation has made this possible. Integrated solar street light is the new age compact lighting solution which integrates solar panels, LED luminary, lithium ion battery & a PIR motion sensor into one. This integrated solar street light incorporates LED driver technology, world-class battery charging technology along with high efficiency microprocessor based electronics.

Smart Solar Street Lighting

This solar street light also uses a PIR motion sensor for intelligently adjusting the brightness of the LED light. When detecting any movement around the light, the LED luminary glows at full brightness. The brightness automatically reduces when there is no movement detected. Coupled with a maintenance free lithium ion battery, this smart solar street light provides longer back up time & better battery life as well. It is compact in size & can easily be mounted on a pole top. Integrated solar street lights also have automatic dusk to dawn operation & requires negligible maintenance following installation. They are made of high quality materials to suit the environment where they are to be installed.

Features of Smart Solar Street Lighting

Features of Smart Solar Street Lighting

Components of an Integrated Solar Street Light

There are 4 main parts to an integrated solar street light.

Zonstreet Solar Street Lights

Zonstreet CCTV & Zonstreet IOT is two smart solar street lights from Intelizon. Integrated solar street light is gaining popularity these days. The solar panel,  LED light & lithium ion battery are all fit together in a compact way. The entire unit is weather proof & it also enhances protection of battery against theft. Operation costs of Zonstreet solar street lights are minimized since they are independent of the local grid. They also require less maintenance in comparison with the conventional street light. Risk of accidents is minimal because external wiring is eliminated. Solar power is never-ending green source of energy which is available for free.

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