What Are the Hazards of Solar Power?

Before you opt for this renewable source of energy, it would be sensible to understand what are the hazards of solar power? However, the fact remains that this is one of the safest & emission-free methods of creating electrical power. It offers great potential for the future as well. Nevertheless, it has some drawbacks we should also be considering. Technology will have to learn to overcome these hazards in order to fulfill the green potential.


It is important that we understand what are the hazards of solar power? If technology & proper care are able to overcome these aspects, solar energy is one of the safest ways to overcome our needs of electricity to a large extent.

Zonpower from Intelizon

Powered by lithium-ion based solar DC system, Zonpower from Intelizon is the most innovative solar home system. It powers lights, fans, chargers & even DC television cases in some cases. It helps you save about 100% power charges due to efficient DC loads including features like dimming & elimination of DC/AC conversion which involves losing a significant amount of power during the process.

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