Unique and customizable solar technologies

Unique and Customizable Solar Technologies

When our environment is at high risk, finding solutions to save the earth is of the highest priority. Thankfully the modern generation is more conscious about the environment and people are making efforts to reduce the carbon footprint as much as they can. In light of this emerging consciousness of climate change and considering the uncertainties the future has to offer, a lot of measures have been taken around the world. The energy industry is very much in the game as well.

Evolving solar power technologies

With the much more advanced solar technologies, our scientists have revolutionized the solar industry. Solar panels are much more advanced now. They are flexible and lightweight that can be custom built to fit any kind of surfaces regardless of shape and size. This simply means that more and more people can be benefitted from solar technologies, which is a great step towards the future of sustainable energy.

Flexibility and efficiency

The new and improved solar panels have already hit the solar energy market and are making an impact. Let’s look at some of the breakthroughs of these improvised panels and see how much of a promise they are for the future of the solar power industry.

Deconstructing solar panels

You might already know how solar panels work. The technology is genius, yet simple. Photovoltaic cells, also known as the PV cells gather the sunlight falling onto the panels and convert it into electricity. If you’re planning to install a solar system for your home, you should go ahead without any second thoughts as the benefits that it’s going to give you are plenty. Given below are some of the benefits:

Everything has a disadvantage

Disadvantages are a part of everything. If you’re looking for something with ‘no’ disadvantages at all, chances are, you might drop the idea of getting anything. So, in order to get better performance, solar panels need to be exposed to sunlight in abundance. The more the better. Because of this reason, solar systems in cold climates might not be as efficient as it is in hotter climates. It doesn’t mean solar panels won’t work in low sunlight, cloudy and rainy days. It simply means that efficiency might be compromised to a certain extent. People with abundant blessings of sunrays are best benefitted by solar energy systems.

The breakthrough technology

Here’s a breakthrough invention that will impact tremendously to slow down climate change. It’s called Perovskite solar cells (PSC) Unlike the silicon-based solar cells, these panels are made of a perovskite-structured compound. What makes these solar panels so special is that they are ultra-thin, lightweight, and flexible. This means that they can be customised, cut and re-shaped to fit all kinds of surfaces. Another catch is that perovskite cells are cheaper to produce than conventional solar panels as the process of manufacturing requires very less energy. As this reduces the generation of energy wastes, it’s a great step towards the preservation of the planet’s resources.

Let’s look at some of the features of the perovskite solar cells.

Ultra-slim and lightweight

There a 75% weight difference between conventional solar panels and the new solar panels. Yes, it’s 75% lighter than the conventional one. That’s a lot of difference and you can imagine the difference when it comes to the ease of handling.


Bend it and moult it to fit any surface. The best part about its flexibility is that it can be built to fit into surfaces that are flat, curvy small, big, etc. It’s an ideal fit for mobile setups such as RVs, boats, trains, etc.


Often when technology lowers the weight of something, the price goes higher. But not in this case. These solar panels are cheaper in terms of manufacture, installation and maintenance.

Better performance

These solar panels are way more effective in converting sunlight into energy than the conventional solar panels.

Intelizon Energy – clean and good energy

Intelizon Energy is a pioneer in the manufacturers of energy based product innovation. A major range of Intelizon includes solar LED street lights, Hybrid DC inverter and DC appliances. With an impressive range of indoor and outdoor lighting systems & DC appliances, Intelizon strives to come up with inventions and technologies that cater to the energy needs of rural, urban and suburban areas. Our aim is to provide clean and good energy to all.

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