Ultra-Violating fashion trends with Wearable Solar

Reading while sunbathing makes you well red

You can have anything you want if you’re willing to dress for it. This saying is a call to action and a source of motivation for some. It seems like an extremely enlightened bunch of people have taken this in a totally different sense. They asked themselves – “What if I dressed like I’m using light to charge my phone?” And sure enough, they found the solution with solar technology being used now in fashionable clothing. We’ve already many handy gadgets that use solar engineering, hit the markets and make an impact, like phone chargers, water filters, heaters and portable lamps among countless others. But the integration of solar systems into our daily lives is getting a real boost as there are emerging companies that want to somehow fit this renewable energy production technology into textiles – and fashion!

Ultra-Violating fashion trends with Wearable Solar

The opposite end of the spectrum

At most discussions on solar energy, the primary focus has almost always been the large scale integration of solar energy systems into mass energy production venues, and as the inevitable challenges involved in these ventures are slowly overcome, we now have the time to get to look at the mini-end of things. This lead to some technologists shifting their attention toward the science of solar energy production on a smaller scale. Of course- who wouldn’t want a portable charger sewed into their clothing. As brands find new ways to include research and technology into clothing, there is a noticeable trend of clothing that employs enhanced fabrics.

At Sundown: Shots in the dark

One such trend is the integration of solar panel technology into a micro level to make fabrics capable of absorbing sunlight and converting the energy to produce electricity sufficiently enough to power a phone or a Fitbit. This is not as new an invention as you’d think, but the technology is still in a development phase and we expect at least a period of 2-3 years for it to roll out and break free in the commercial market. There are, however, a few solar-only brands of clothing that are focused on perfecting the art of widespread manufacturing of clothing that is powered by solar.

Sun’s out, Guns out!

Soon, one can move around as a walking, talking source of energy and any ideas of solar-panel phone chargers will be obsolete as there will be solar modules sewn into the very fabric of our fashionable clothing choices. From Ralph Lauren’s solar backpacks to Tommy Hilfiger’s solar-powered jacket, complete with solar panels that are easily snapped on and off of the jacket, the technology has rapidly been picked up by some major names in the fashion industry. Some take it as a challenge to integrate clean renewable energy into the clothing, while others do it to spread awareness and as a call to action for the green revolution and need for sustainable and clean energy.

Creating a world of smart energy

 At Intelizon, we aim to bring the integration of mass-scale solar energy production to the energy systems in cities, towns and remote areas. By introducing the clean and efficient technology of solar, we aspire to progress toward the forefront of clean energy production and implementation as the solar energy advantages outweigh the disadvantages greatly. The future holds a great challenge in terms of energy resources and the environmental aspects of fuel consumption. We utilise smart energy alternatives like solar street lighting, solar home lighting, solar lamps, automatic street lights and more for low-demand home use.

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