Top 5 Solar Energy Technologies

There are top 5 solar energy technologies which are presently shaping the future of solar power. From bio-solar cells to reshaping solar spectrum to turn light into electricity to concentrated PV cells & squeezing more out of the sun to other ways to boost solar power, the future looks quite bright for solar power.


Since prices of solar cells are falling, it is fast becoming an economical energy choice for businesses & homeowners. However, it still remains to be seen that it becomes more affordable for soft costs like permitting, zoning & hooking it up with the local power grid.

Next Generation of IOT Based Solar Street Lights

GSM based solar street lights from Intelizon is the next level of outdoor solar lighting solutions. It allows you to remotely control & monitor with help of your mobile phone. Wi-Fi, SMS, Bluetooth & Hotspot can also be used for remote monitoring & controlling this solar street light. Advantages which come with Zonstreet IOT include self-autonomy, motion detection, remote control, remote monitoring & tracking of overall system health. This IOT based solar street light is most ideal for factories, petrol pumps, campuses, villages & communities.

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