Top 10 Facts about Solar Energy

Solar energy generally refers to energy which is derived from sunlight. The sun has been producing energy for the past billions of years & is the most important source for all life on earth. Moreover, it is a renewable source, unlike fossil fuels. It is only recently that we have successfully learned to harvest solar energy & purposefully use it for the benefit of mankind. One of the main benefits of solar energy is that it is the cleanest form of energy which does not produce any pollutants. It is also renewable & requires low maintenance. It is also easy to install. Here are some more facts concerning solar energy.


Every year the sun provides energy which is able to sustain all life & its requirements on earth. Solar energy can effectively convert sunlight into electrical energy to meet global requirements. Presently, only 10% of global energy needs are managed by solar energy, but the scope for expansion in the future is mind-boggling.

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