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Tips to Make Power Backup Last Longer During an Outage

Experiencing the new normal and working from home has made us realize the importance of staying connected online now more than ever. During online study or work sessions, the frequent power outages create a very frustrating situation and everybody would require a solution to provide an uninterruptible power supply. Thus, the power backup inverters came into the picture to serve us in such conditions. It is one of the most significant technologies to invest in and bring to your home. Power backup is designed to provide electricity for periods during a power outage so that you can continue your meetings without any interruption, save essential documents, shut down computers, and protect your devices from damage. If your gadgets stay connected to the circuit during such times, power surges can cause immediate damage, such as fried circuits, melted plastics, and metals.

With uninterrupted internet connectivity, we need power backup for other home appliances as well such as lights, fans, computers & other appliances too. In the market, multiple inverter/ power backup options are available with lead-acid batteries & lithium batteries. Certain batteries are designed to supply electric current to computers, lighting, electronic devices, and other home appliances. It is crucial to evaluate the life of these batteries to make sure that they are in a good state of working, as this will protect your devices from damage.

Following Tips Can be Taken to Make Your Backup Last Longer:

  • Installing the power backup in a cool and dry place- The location’s temperature must not be more than 25 degrees Celsius. An increase in temperature may affect your battery life and reduce it by a significant number. Make sure to leave some open space on all sides of the battery for proper airflow and cooldown of the setup, but refrain from choosing a place near the window or any other place with high moisture content.
  • Be ready with a backup charger or battery pack if suspecting a power outage- Make sure that your gadgets and rechargeable battery packs are fully charged before the blackout. A solar charger is an efficient solution during such times as it can keep your devices charged if adequately charged by sunlight. Another alternative is a hand-cracked charger for cloudy days when there’s no daylight. Car batteries work perfectly well, too, for charging your devices; make sure to keep an accessible car adapter handy.
  • Buy replacement batteries but avoid storing them for a long time as it affects the efficiency of the batteries. Even though most power backups can be stored for up to 12 months, factors like temperature, humidity, etc., can shorten their life. Affected by such factors, there may be a maximum loss of capacity too. Thus, make sure to store them under cool temperatures of 10 degrees Celsius or lower.
  • Regular maintenance of the batteries is another tip for longer backups- Discharged batteries must be charged fully within 48 hours to avoid permanent damage. Be careful not to over-discharge or excess charge your batteries.
  • Switch to energy-saving devices- Power-saving devices will extend the life of your power backup and enable it to work for longer durations. Ordinary bulbs consume about 75% more energy than LED lights, which are more efficient as they utilize lesser power. Despite this, LED lasts longer and keeps the temperature of the backup under control.
  • Based on the frequency of the occurrence of power outages in your location, tips vary- frequent voltage fluctuations tend to shut down the source and activate the backup device. This will lead to varying charging cycles of the batteries and affect their productivity life. It’s a fact that frequent discharge and recharge reduce the battery’s capacity by a certain percentage each time.
  • Some over-the-top tips are to get your power supply registered and maintain records of the same because if your battery dies before the warranty period, you can get it replaced or repaired accordingly. Also, if you have a backup system that has already gone through battery changes, its advisable to buy a new one for better efficiency at lower maintenance costs

Intelizon has a wide range of lithium-ion battery-based products like Zonbulb, Zonhome, MicroUPS & Zonstreet. MicroUPS, the power backup for your wifi router does the job of giving you uninterrupted wifi router functioning. In a single charge, the MicroUps can hold the router for an extra 4 hours. It even has a 5-year life expectancy. Zonhome, the solar home system has multiple models with different sets of appliances, It has a power unit with a lithium-ion battery & MPPT charge controller, which can help you to reduce up to 90% electricity bill. It can operate on a solar/grid/ battery.  A Lithium-ion battery is an advanced smart energy battery that backs up the power much quicker than a regular acid-lead battery. Lithium-ion batteries last longer and recharge faster with a low discharge rate saving time, money and reducing risk throughout the lifecycle of the uninterruptible power systems.

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