The name’s Bond, Hydrogen Bond!

Water is one of the many unsung protagonists in our daily lives. It is a majorly valuable resource that just keeps giving. Whether it is in the production of electricity, inclusion in cleaning or direct consumption, water is the greatest all-rounder we have in history. Since around three-quarters of our bodily constitution is made of water, the simple compound is quite literally liquid oxygen, since it is made up of mostly oxygen, by weight.

For water to be used for consumption, it has to be purified, though. Now, this is something that we know how to do by many, many different methods. As science moves forward, it is necessary to refine the methods we use, auditing our own energy requirements, expenditure and side products to gain in efficiency and cleanliness. As it turns out, some of the more inventive among us have come up with many different ways to introduce solar power into water purification methods.

Take a look at this solar technology that may come in handy for your potable Hydrogen dioxide needs.

The Name's Bond, Hyderogen Bond!

Portable and Potable

Solar water decontamination system purifies water at the household level. It is based on solar radiation treatment, distillation and solar heating. It is a combination of two water purification processes, the Solar Water Disinfection System and the solar distillation process. Since SODIS is only ideal to disinfect small quantities of micro biologically contaminated water, a solar heated still is added to the system to address the issue of heavily contaminated waters (such as seawater, water with high turbidity and water contaminated by heavy metal or pathogenic microorganisms).

For other cases, contaminated water will be distilled to drinking water using the solar heated still to remove any non-volatile solid impurities such as salts, sediment, heavy metals, and microorganisms. Water from some wells or rivulets may be visibly clear, but it may not be drinkable since the water may still contain pathogenic microorganisms. This contaminated water can be treated by storing it in PET bottles and simply exposing them to direct sunlight, which kills any harmful waterborne pathogens due to its ultraviolet properties. Solar water disinfection is an effective way to disinfect drinking water as it is recommended by the World Health Organization.

This water purification system uses sunlight and is wholly made up of recyclable materials, so it is a fully environmentally sustainable option for purification of water.


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