Today, Lithium-ion (Li-ion) is the fastest growing and the most commonly used battery type

li ion batteryLi-ion batteries offer a number of advantages over other battery types

Key Highlights of Lithium-ion batteries

It is a practically maintenance-free battery

  • This feature is especially useful for solar lights as they can be installed and left working without any need for further maintenance for a long time.

Li-ion batteries allow fast charging to full capacity

Lithium-ion batteries usually possess longer cycle life

  • Lithium-ion batteries offer good life cycles (over 2000 cycles) and can function normally even at extreme temperatures.

These batteries are eco friendly and helps in reducing the carbon footprint

  • These batteries are safe to environment as no greenhouse gases are emitted during the working of lights.
  • Lithium ion based solar lights do not require electricity or any fuel for their functioning. They just require sunlight to convert it into light energy.

Apart from these advantages, Lithium-ion batteries provide much better performance when compared to any other batteries.

Lithium Ion Battery Based Wireless Solar Street Lights

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