solar energy

Solar Street Lights: Across India

Lighting up the streets with solar lights provides the smartest and safest way to keep the roads, parks lighted, and make walking or travel on highways at nighttime secure and convenient.  Solar Street Lighting System could be the lighting system for illuminating streets and crossroads located in areas that are not connected to the power […]

Advantages of Solar Street Lights

Why to worry about the huge Electricity bills or power outages when you could brighten up your walkways, driveways, streets and many more with a solar lighting system. Yes, you heard me right! solar street lighting system (SSLS) is one of the most affordable ways to fill your lives with light. The concept of renewable […]


Urbanization in India began to accelerate in the past couple of decades due to open economy and rapid industrialization, villages have grown into towns and towns to tier 2 cities at an unrelenting pace. The population residing in urban India was 28.53 percent as of census taken in the year 2001, and according to a […]

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