Remote surveillance is a great option to monitor locations from the comfort of your home or office in order to save time and the inconvenience of travel, while maintaining social distance. Technology has progressed to the point where instant alerts or reviewing history in minutes in now possible.
Intelizon always focuses on providing innovative solutions to the world. We are now providing multiple solutions for remote monitoring & controlling. These are very effective for multiple segments including residential, commercial or industrial and a great tool for security agencies. Intelizon surveillance products are categorized into three platforms:

1) ZonCAM: A wireless digital fisheye camera platform which has multiple models based on the site requirements in terms of solar, battery and grid options.

2) Zonstreet ++ CCTV: A revolutionary innovation by Intelizon creating an integrated light & camera. We offer multiple models based on site requirements in terms of solar, battery and grid options.

What is the real reason behind installing a camera? Cameras provide good live feed and recording capabilities but aren’t smart enough for analytics, alerts or playback. The data stored on a daily basis is huge, in most cases redundant and if we wish to go back and review an incident for a particular time period it is a manual process which takes multiple hours to playback. Also, the large amount of stored data requires space and is expensive. We now have a solution to solve this problem and more with our Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) based Video analytics platform called ICORE.

3) ICORE Software platform: Our AI & ML based Video Analytics software platform has many


Intelligent Video analytics with surveillance has widespread applications for Road and public safety, law enforcement, and also in Industries, Banks, Educational Institutions and residential complexes. The video analytics is designed to maintain records of relevant data of relevance for as long a time as desired. This data can help solve crime, take corrective measures and save huge costs while improving efficiencies and providing safety.

ZonCAM Bullet

Zonstreet ++CCTV

Zonstreet Grid CCTV

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