Surveillance & Safety with CCTV based Solar lights


Have you ever felt safe walking a street with no lights? The obvious answer is “NO”.

Poor or no lighting on the streets and constant power cuts has been a major security concern across our country. Our news channels are filled with incidents that happened in secluded streets with no lights which make us crawl with fear. However, due to power shortages, the street lights are often ignored by the government. The same is the case with many developing countries.

With the growing population and inadequate power supply, keeping the streets lit up or monitoring secluded locations at night is no longer a viable option. We often see dug up roads and wires hanging on the poles which poses a huge threat to the commuters, and separate poles for CCTV where adequate lighting is not available, which is as good as not having a CCTV.

Solar lights have been here for decades but have been plagued with bulky age-old lead-acid battery technology, unreliable performance during cloudy days, poor designs and high maintenance cost which has been a norm, They require long cables and the electronics are inefficient. Also, these batteries are not suitable for outdoor conditions as high temperatures dry up the liquid

However, like any other technology, the solar landscape eventually evolved bringing in more convenience and practicality.

Intellizon has created an impeccable track record over the years. We have brought about 2.7 million lives out of darkness around the world. Through constant research and innovation, we have been able to transform the solar energy ecosystem to suit the millennial’s needs.

To address the current convenience cost and security scenario on the streets we came up with a Standalone solar streetlight that provides an environmentally friendly solution and a desirable upgrade to the outdoor lighting infrastructure. The latest from our staple is the all-new “Zonstreet CCTV” Solar LED street light (system design includes LED luminaire with an inbuilt camera, sensor, lithium-ion battery, and a separate south-facing solar panel & hotspot).

Recently we installed this most innovative product at railway crossings in Rajasthan state, with no extra wires hanging out and multiple poles for CCTV. The aesthetic is well maintained, and the inbuilt solar batteries ensure that the lights work flawlessly. The uninterrupted functioning of Zonstreet CCTV has made the crossing lot more safer It kept the railway crossings brightly lit, while the inbuilt CCTV kept doing what it does the best 24/. The once avoided railway crossing due to fear is now considered a safe zone and the icing on the cake is, there is less frequency or dependency on officials for maintenance work. To the date, our product made safe & secure 30 plus crossings in Rajasthan and planning to many more.

Our latest Zonstreet can be used two folds with greater results as needed. This only serves to generate confidence and ensure that we live the way we intended without causing further harm to the environment and at the time keeping our streets safe.

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