Dialux design services for Projects

Many large projects for commercial, roadways, gardens, campuses etc. have lighting requirements and the project managers or designers seek feedback in terms of spacing between lights and installed heights.

Most suppliers offer products in terms of wattages leading to specifications being created based on a very basic knowledge. The continuously improving LED efficiency and advancement in lens technology allows one to provide the best in class lumen and lux at lower and lower power consumption.

Zonstreet, our flagship solar ELD streetlight is designed with 150umen/W LED and the best in class lenses to provide best lux (light on the ground) per watt. Our lenses provide a batwing shape which is ideal to improve the spacing between lights. The angle at which the luminary is installed provides the throw of light in front of the pole.

Intelizon offers dialux design services for projects to help estimate the number of lights, spacing, and wattage based on the lux requirements. The dialux software takes our luminary design inputs including road widths, road lengths and lux requirement to suggest the best luminary option while minimizing the number of lights while maximizing spacing between lights (for best uniformity).

Below are examples of indoor and outdoor lighting.