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All of us want to feel safe while walking in the streets. New technologies haven’t yet taken roots in many parts of the world. Solar powered wifi cameras in street lights are one of them. Inadequate lighting of streets also increases crime rates which are terrifying. It can threaten the personal security of the entire family. Many cases of robberies have been reported involving violent behavior & quite a few have also proved to be fatal.

Solar Street Lights with Solar Powered Cameras


Enough is enough! With the availability of technology like our product Zonstreet++ CCTV, solar street lights with solar powered wifi cameras are an ideal solution to increase security. This is the best available technology today with 24 hours surveillance. Solar powered wifi cameras are an integrated device which includes a solar street light as well. The entire system runs on electricity generated by the solar panel. Surveillance & security footage is also easily retractable like never before. One can, in fact, get into inaccessible areas without the nitty-gritty of cables or electrical hookups with the duality of wifi & solar power.

Operating Your Solar Powered Wi-Fi Camera

Operating the solar powered wifi camera is very simple. The solar panel on the solar street light converts the sunlight during the day into electricity which gets stored into the battery of the system. The battery, in turn, provides light at night & powers the camera at the same time. The functionality of the camera is capturing images & videos & the data collected will be transmitted through the internet. You can, however, watch the live stream video from where you are on your laptop or mobile phone. The data collected by the camera can also be stored in the cloud or an SD card. Solar powered street lights with wifi camera are the newest development of the solar street light system.

Advantages of Camera Based Solar Street Lights

Here are some of the advantages of having solar powered wifi cameras in solar street lights.

Salient Features of a Solar-Powered Wi-Fi Camera

Safety & Security is paramount! Here are some of the salient features of a solar-powered wifi camera.

Applications of Intelizon’s Zonstreet CCTV

Zonstreet CCTV is an ideal solar-based perimeter street lighting solution from Intelizon. This is a light plus surveillance system featuring an inbuilt CCTV & LED luminaries running on solar power. It has an inbuilt dimmer, lithium ion battery & a light sensor as well. Zonstreet CCTV provides a wireless surveillance system combined with outdoor lighting alongside security. Zonstreet CCTV is an ideal solution for Parking Lots, Street Lighting, Highway Lighting, Security Perimeter Lighting, Hospital Lighting, Bridge Lighting, Airport Lighting, Industrial Lighting & practically everywhere.

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