Solar Energy to Power World of the Future

Since the beginning of the industrial revolution, it was clear that fossil fuels are not viable to be used as a long term option. We have limited non-renewable resources that have not just polluted our planet, but have created a massive hole in the Ozone layer and catalyzed the warming of our planet due to emissions. However, fossil fuels seemed like a great idea for the economy. We are now on the verge of complete destruction and the future looks grim but renewable energy such as solar could just save our planet if we act quickly. This is what has been making the government rethink renewable energy. Countries such as Sweden, Germany, Denmark, Switzerland, New Zealand and more have switched to solar and other renewable energy, while many other countries are not far behind.

Reasons why Solar Energy is the future


1. Safe and Clean Source of Energy

Solar energy is renewable, clean, and safe. By converting the sun’s energy into electrical energy, solar energy can power cities, vehicles, houses, factories, communities, villages and so much more. In addition, solar energy is abundant and is absolutely free. The best part is that it does not cause any harm to the environment or people. Our planet cannot afford be abused by humans anymore and it cannot afford to take in any more pollution and destruction than it already has. Solar energy has the power to save whatever is left of our fragile planet for future generations.

2. Cost Effective than Fossil Fuels

The cost of setting up solar lights is not much in comparison to grid based energy. The cost of setting up power grids, transformers, wires, and related equipment is a lot when compared to solar. While there is a lot of energy wastage at every level when it comes to non-renewable energy, solar is a lot more efficient. Setting up solar energy requires a lot less labor in comparison. This reduces the cost by a huge margin.

3. More Jobs

As the demand for solar energy increases, so does the industry and its demand to produce more energy and grow. The booming industry would require workers and material, thus providing jobs to a whole lot of people. This makes solar energy great for the economy. In fact, statistics show that the demand for solar energy has grown tremendously in the past few years and so has the number of job opportunities in solar.

4. Reduce Dependence on Fossil Fuels

The more independent we become as a society, the more money we save. By reducing dependence on fossil fuels for energy, the economy would thrive. The sun cannot be taxed because it does not belong to anyone. Its light and energy is for all living creatures. Reducing dependence on the government and corporations for energy will help each and every one of us slowly gain financial freedom. Free energy is all around, we just need to utilize it well.

5. Saves Money and Environment

Solar energy would help every person save money. By negating the need to pay for electricity and energy tax, we would not only have more money to save, but we can utilize the money in a much better way and make ends meet a lot easier. Instead of paying money to petroleum, oil and gas companies, we could use the money for better education, healthcare and other amenities that really matter. Since electricity bills have been constantly on the rise, solar energy has the potential to put an end to that once and for all. The initial setup of the solar panels, battery, and lighting would cost you a bit, but in the long run you and the community would save a lot more than what was spent.

6. Options to Choose from Variety of Lighting

Solar lights are of various kinds, sizes, models, and capacities. The options you have are plenty and are dependent on the energy requirement you are looking for. There are solar lights that are perfect for everyone’s needs.

7. Easy Maintenance

There are no maintenance charges for solar lights. Good solar lights last for years and generally do not require any maintenance. This makes it pure value for your money.

8. Technology of the Future

Solar energy is pushing the boundaries of technology. LED lights that are brighter and cost effective when compared to conventional lights. Lithium Ion Batteries are now used by solar companies for greater capacity as compared to lead batteries, Motion Detectors for energy efficiency, Wireless street lights that save time, effort, labor, setup, and maintenance costs, and more. In fact there are solar lights that can be controlled by your mobile phone. As technology improves, so does efficiency and cost.

These are just few of the reasons why the government is switching to solar energy. The sooner we switch to renewable energy such as solar, the sooner can we be independent. Taking all the above factors into consideration, Solar Energy is great for the economy and is the future.

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