Solar Energy as an Alternative Source of Energy

Our earth receives an incredible amount of sunlight. This is a simple fusion reactor which has been burning for the past 4 billion years. In fact, it provides enough energy in one minute for our needs of one year. It provides more energy in one single day that we all can consume in 27 years. Amount of solar radiation striking us over 3-days is equivalent to energy stored in all fossil fuels. 


Solar Energy is for Free

Solar energy is an inexhaustible resource. Although, harnessing solar energy is a relatively new idea. Solar energy has great potential. However, fossil fuels were more affordable & available in the days gone by. Nevertheless, in the last few decades with growing energy demands, environmental problems & declining resources has made us look to alternative sources of energy. Photovoltaic systems nowadays are made of silicon & produce electricity when sunlight strikes the semiconductor material. This is the smallest unit which is wired together to form a module. These groups of panels are called an array & several of these for a field. 

The Most Promising Renewable Energy

Solar energy is one of the most promising & non-polluting renewable sources of energy in the world. It requires little maintenance & no supervision. You can expect a life of 20-30 years with low running costs. This is unique because no large-scale installation is required. Even remote areas can produce their own source of electricity as per their requirement. Solar street lights require no overbuild generation capacity like it is required by traditional large-scale power systems.

Photovoltaic Power

Solar energy capacity is limitless. It allows power generation capacity to keep in step with the growing needs without having to overbuild like it is with traditional energy. Solar energy offers clean & renewable energy which has advantages over wind power & hydropower. Solar energy does not require any turbines or moving parts which are noisy & need maintenance as well.   

Solar Energy is the Need of the Day

This is the most sought-after technology today. It is the fastest growing segment of the photovoltaic market for people going without electricity while the sun is shining upon them. This is the modular decentralized character which is most suitable for filling the electric needs of millions of remote villages. Solar energy is the most sought-after energy today. It is an obvious energy choice which is more practical than the extension of expensive power lines. Any average home has enough roof area to provide enough solar power it requires. With the resources Intelizon provides, there is no need to convert direct current (DC) to alternating current (AC).

Household Energy Supply

This is only one use of solar power. Other places where solar power can be used include industrial, rural & grid-connected applications. Rural habitations generally include villages, homes, clinics, schools, farms & generally powered street lights & small appliances. Grid-connected electrical systems usually pair solar power with existing networks in order to supply enough energy to meet existing demands. The nature of solar energy is practically safe & environmentally friendly.

Zonpower DC Rooftop System

This is a lithium-ion based solar DC system which is useful for powering lights, fans & televisions as well. This solar system saves up to 90% power due to efficient DC loads. Zonpower is an inverter less solution which has provision for dimming & eliminates losses due to DC/AC conversion. Zonpower is child-friendly & uses the lithium-ion battery instead of the lead-acid battery. It is simple to install & scalable as well.

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