Solar DC Systems Promising a Bright Future

Although solar power is available in all parts of the world, there are millions of people across continents that still do not have proper access to electricity. Many communities & villages have never ever been connected to a grid. Most of these people do not even know that the government is supposed to supply them electricity. Solar system for homes can however make this possible.

What is a Solar DC System? 

Solar DC systems typically consist of solar panels, charge controller, small batteries, mobile charging port, LED lights & fans which run on DC. Sunlight which falls on solar panels generates DC electricity which goes through charge controller in order to power DC lights & fans. Moreover, solar DC system provides for storing excessive power in batteries. Rural households do not require heavy power loads. Therefore solar DC systems can prove to be an ideal solar system for homes. For areas where the grid is partly available & are prone to extensive power cuts, solar DC systems can charge batteries via grid as well.


Are Solar DC Systems Cost & Energy Efficient?

Yes & for a variety of reasons. Firstly, solar DC systems are attached to lights, fans & charging ports which run on DC. Therefore there are no losses which are associated with conversion. Moreover, solar LED lights also enjoy a long life. Solar LED lights can typically go on for about 3,000 hours & which is just about 4 times more than an average tube light does. Compare this with common inverters. In a common scenario when solar panel makes DC electricity, it goes to the inverter & converts into AC because home appliances which run on grid supply run on AC power. It is in this conversion process that a lot of energy is lost. In short, home solar power systems which run on DC are therefore not just cost-effective but energy efficient as well. 

Rural Areas Will be Happy Using Solar DC Systems 

Customized solar DC system solutions are also available for individual requirements. Home solar power systems are a great boon for houses that have never been electrified. There is a great demand for solar DC systems throughout the globe in rural areas & other small towns where frequent & lengthy power cuts have troubled people for long. Thanks to these solar systems for home, it is such a delight to see houses that have never had electricity enjoy 24/7 green energy. 

Future of Solar DC Systems
With the advent of solar DC systems, solar system for home has a great future especially in rural areas. Rural homes & small shops can now breathe a sigh of relief. Solar DC systems are also affordable & helpful for rural families make their own electricity. Governments across the world, especially the poor third world countries, can take initiative & empower their citizens with help of this golden opportunity.

InteliZon is Shaping the Future of Solar Lighting 

Solar PV has emerged as a great source of decentralized power producing DC energy. Alongside this, batteries have emerged as a wide-spread energy storage system which can charge or discharge DC power. Choice of DC voltage is quite important & should be carefully considered for making it a standard. InteliZon understands that energy should be clean, reliable & affordable. Technologies like solar, LED & advanced electronics are the future of energy. Solar energy is a precursor of inclusive growth & the rural population is looking forward to embracing this opportunity. InteliZon is making this possible by creating industry-leading cost-efficient products for harnessing & utilizing this best clean energy.

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