Solar based Perimeter Street Lighting

Zonstreet++ is a light plus surveillance system with inbuilt CCTV and LED running on solar and an inbuilt dimmer, lithium ion battery and light sensor.

The integration of Camera to the light unit provides a wireless state of the art surveillance system combining outdoor lighting with security.

Key Highlights of Zonstreet++

  • 3MP camera with memory card for 1 week recording
  • Theft and water proof
  • Self-autonomy using efficient electronics and dimming
  • Efficient charging even under cloudy conditions
  • Low installation costs and zero maintenance costs
  • Self-installable and self-repairable
  • Smartphone app to view live feed as well as recording
  • 24×7 color vision

Models and Variants

zonstreet++1. ZONSTREET – LI3++(15W)

2. ZONSTREET – LI4++(30W)

3. ZONSTREET – LI6++(45W)

To know more about the Technical specifications, download the Specification Document

ZONSTREET Solar Street Light Applications

Zonstreet is widely used in college and commercial campus areas to light up gardens and for perimeter area. It replaces the 40W tubelight and has been widely accepted by gram panchayats for village lighting.

IIT Hyderabad

IIT Hyderabad

DGP Office

DGP Office

S.reddy Hospital

Sangareddy Hospital

Sukam, Gurgaon

Sukam Campus Gurgaon

Gaushala Jaipur

Gaushala Jaipur

Bluestar, Mumbai

Bluestar Mumbai


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Zonstreet ++ and the components used have the following certifications: LM80, LM79, IP65, IES and BIS