GSM based Solar Street lights

Our smart solar lightning has just got smarter. Zonstreet now has an inbuilt GSM card. This takes it to the next level of outdoor solar lighting solutions. Now, you can remotely monitor and control it using your mobile phone. There are lot of other advantages that come with it. Some of them are –

  • Self Autonomy – It charges efficiently even on cloudy days
  • Motion Detection – Its built-in sensors detects any movement that happens under it and increases the light intensity
  • Remote Control – It works as a remote control where it could be switched on and off. The light could also be dimmed with it. It also tell you the estimated runtime based on the dimming
  • Remote Monitoring – Using your mobile phone you could monitor solar panel, battery, current and led voltage
  • System Health – Track overall system health, runtime charts for past 30 days, total lifetime and hour counter

With over 5 years of field operation, we could very well vouch for reliability of our products.

Short list of locations where our product could be used –

  • Factories
  • Petrol pumps
  • Campuses
  • Villages
  • Communities

Our next generation of GSM-based solar streetlights will change the landscape of wireless lighting forever.
Stay tuned for the future of solar street lighting.


Models and Variants

ZonStreet GSM

1. ZS – LI3G (15W)

2. ZS – Li4+G (30W)

3. ZS – LI5+G (40W)

4. ZS – LI6+G (50W)

To know more about the Technical specifications, download the Specification Document

Explainer Video - ZONSTREET-GSM!

Benefits of ZONSTREET-GSM – With Self autonomy & motion detection Solar Powered Street Lights