Rise in popularity of Solar technology shows, as Silver prices rise too


The Future is Solar

The future is solar. This is inevitable. As solar technology grows to become more economic, combustion-based energy production will see a steep decline. The aim of most of our technology right now is on bettering and discovering newer, cleaner modes of energy production. In recent years, Solar panels have seen a massive rise in popularity, especially becoming a hit in sub-rural and sub-urban populations, where there is no dearth of sunlight. If you’re wondering if you should go ahead and get yourself into the technology of the future, here are some reasons why you should act before it’s too late. 

Supply and Demand

The principles of supply and demand work the same with solar technology. Investing in a solar panel has always been a long-term strategy, as returns at first are slow to appear. But after the boom in the production and supply of solar panels, the industry has now seen a drop in the supply of silver, a key ingredient in the manufacturing process of solar panels and photovoltaics. About 20g* of silver goes into the production of an average sized solar panel, meaning that silver makes up for around 6.5% of the price of a solar panel

The Prices Of Silver

Market analysts and manufacturers have noticed a trend in the prices of silver lately. As with all precious metals, the prices of silver around the world are always closely monitored as they reflect the shape of the market and the nature, size and frequency of trade in and around the observed locations. The trend noticed indicated that the prices of silver have noticeably increased, following the rise in popularity of Solar panel technology. This may be worth looking more into, as silver is one of the elements that play a key role in solar technology.

Silver and its relevance in Solar

Silver has the highest electrical and thermal conductivity out of all metals, making it the most suitable and one of the most core elements in the making of solar panels. But its availability leaves much to be debated about, inspiring technologists to find alternatives for the use, though it doesn’t look like this search will be fruitful in the near future. For now, it seems that we are stuck with the inclusion of silver. So what does this mean for people looking to hop on the train ride to the future with solar technology? 


The necessary inclusion of Silver in panels indicates that the price of silver will keep rising. This will inevitably lead to the rise in the increase of solar panel prices, as about 7% of the price of a solar panel is spent on its constituent silver. With these factors in mind, it is not a far stretch to reach the conclusion that, the sooner one invests in Solar technology, the cheaper and better it will be. 

Integration of Mass-Scale Solar Energy

At Intelizon, we aim to bring the integration of mass-scale solar energy production to the energy systems in cities, towns and remote areas. By introducing the clean and efficient technology of solar, we aspire to progress toward the forefront of clean energy production and implementation as the solar energy advantages outweigh the disadvantages greatly. The future holds a great challenge in terms of energy resources and the environmental aspects of fuel consumption. We utilise smart energy alternatives like solar street lighting, solar home lighting, solar lamps, automatic street lights and more for low-demand home use.

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