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Our Vision is to create a world of smart energy. To this end every system that we deploy not only brings economic benefits but also improves people’s lives while saving electricity and our environment.

Our value system is based on the three tenets of technology, quality and customer focus. Everyone associated with Intelizon works hard to build on these tenets and continuously improve to create the best organization globally.

Our goal is to be the leading global player in lithium-ion based solar systems. We started in 2007 and have developed innovative and reliable products over the years.

If our vision, goals and value system aligns with yours, we invite you to become a partner with Intelizon and enjoy the resources and benefits that our organization provides to help you in building a business and a Better Society.

Apart from our industry-leading products, we have developed several tools, techniques, and services through which we can support the short term and long term growth of our partners.

The success of any organization is linked to its partners and we strongly believe in building long-term relationships.

If you are technical, financially capable to handle projects and have strong local relationships you can contact us for exploring solar franchise opportunities in India and overseas.

We prefer companies with at least two years of solar project experience having executed at least three solar rooftop or solar streetlight projects.

Interested in Solar Franchise Opportunity and our Business? - Come, Join Us to make the world a better place to live

We are seeking channel partners focused on projects and institutional sales.

Contact us today at to create a world of smart energy!