Renewable Solar Energy for a Bright Future!


India is a sunshine country which is poised to bid for 500-GW renewable energy by the year 2028. 350 GW of this would come from solar, 140 GW from wind & the remaining from biomass & small hydro projects. India is planning to achieve 40% electricity generation by non-fossil fuels & renewable energy by 2030.

Solar Energy for a Bright Future

Trends which are driving the solar sector in 2019 come from the historic Paris Agreement which created an ambitious target for solar power  generation for the country. Trends in renewable energy, especially solar energy have been driven by this target. Market sources including government sources are playing crucial roles in shaping these trends.

Big Leap for India


The world’s largest solar plant is all set to make a mark in Ladakh. Set to make a huge difference in the world of sustainable energy alongside breathtaking landscapes, this mega project will not just provide electricity to the region but will also focus on preserving glaciers. This mega project is also set to create jobs as well. Solar Energy Corporation of India (SECI) is promoting this project in J&K. Located in Hanle-Khaldo in Nyoma, this solar power will eventually flow to Kaithal in Haryana for which a 900 km line will be laid along the Leh-Manali road. Challenges facing this mega project were the difficult terrain & weather conditions. However, identification of locations has solved many a problems. Setting up of this solar power plant will promise a bright future for the locals & create jobs as well.

Commercial & Industrial Consumers

Over the last few years commercial & industrial consumers have largely adopted solar power & renewable energy. Increase in awareness & better solutions & global corporate campaigns have increased adoption of solar power multifold. This is an upward trend & more number of commercial & industrial organizations is most likely to follow. Haryana & Uttar Pradesh also now are following by facilitating industries to adopt renewable energy under open access regulations. This will eventually further open the distributed solar power sector with more players adopting the sun power.

Residential Solar Power Sector

There has also been an upward momentum in the residential solar power sector. More players are jumping in & household consumers are early adopters. We are now bound to see a growth of residential solar power sector in the coming year. It may however take more than 2019 to see this market warm up for smooth functioning. Nevertheless, India is a sunshine country & solar energy can do wonders.

Zonstreet CCTV – Outdoor Solar Street Lights

This is the most innovative solar based street lights which effectively combine street lighting with surveillance as well. Alongside an inbuilt CCTV camera, it has a dimmer, battery & light sensor. The lithium ion battery technology in outdoor solar street lighting overcomes the problems associated with lead-acid based batteries. This is an excellent hassle-free desirable wireless outdoor solar street light option.

Zonpower – Home Solar Systems

Zonpower is also a lithium ion based home solar system which does not require any DC to AC conversion. It is a great option for powering lights, fans, chargers & DC television sets in some cases. Remote controlling of fans & tube lights is also possible with the Zonpower system. It is simple to install & a scalable home solar system.

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