IOT – Remote monitoring & control

IoT or Internet of Things is a widely used terminology which is impacting all aspects of our life as communication and sensor costs have come down. In today’s world, we all want to perform tasks using remote monitoring & control facilities.

Intelizon is a pioneer in lithium-ion based solar LED streetlights. We have now introduced solar streetlights which can be remotely managed via GSM or Wifi based communication.

Our hardware and communication protocols are compatibke with the reliable Zonstreet controllers which are linked to our in-house developed mobile apps (found on android or apple play store).

The mobile apps have a secure login and password to allow only the owner of the lights to remotely monitor and control the system. The single light control (shown below) allows one to get the status of the solar panel (charging or not charging), battery state of charge, light ON/OFF and the runtime from the previous day.

The manual control of light (shown below) allows one to set remote turn the light on or off and set the dim level as per the user requirement.

The user can also avail of the system health monitoring service to get the monthly status as follows:
  • Battery charging performance: Simple to check the battery and electronics functionality.
  • Solar peak charge current: This allows one to decide if the solar panel requires any cleaning.
  • Daily runtime status: Any significant change in runtime combined with the battery charging and solar peak current data allows one to decide the system performance. Any drop in runtime could be due to cloudy conditions or component malfunction.The runtime status and the monthly charts provides is a valuable tool to make sure the system is functioning as desired.
  • SERVICE: The system health can be monitored remotely without the need to send a service technician to the site. If any issues are identified, the remote diagnoses can be done so the service person goes to the site with a solution. This improves service efficiency and response time. It also enables users to stay connected using Wi-Fi and access information and diagnostics via their smartphones.
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