Reasons to buy Zonpower, a smart hybrid system

Reasons to buy Zonpower, a Smart Hybrid System

Solar energy is a clean and renewable source of energy. Homeowners around the world are installing home solar systems in order to generate clean and renewable solar energy at home. Unlike a few years ago, there are hundreds of options available for home solar systems.

Intelizon Energy is a clean energy company providing renewable and clean energy solutions. Zonpower is a portable smart hybrid system from Intelizon that offers a perfect solution to power up your home or commercial spaces 24×7. Let’s look at how Zonpower can cater to your energy needs and why should you consider installing it at your home.

It’s high time for energy independence

Electricity bill is a lifetime of ‘the monthly financial obligation’ that could possibly annoy you, especially during the summers. The unpredictable power cuts and the energy price hikes can be really frustrating. The commonly observed trend is that with the annual increase in energy price, the frequency of power cuts also increases, which practically, shouldn’t be the case.

Unless you switch to solar energy or find an alternate energy source, there’s nothing much you could technically do about it than cutting down on electricity usage and using more energy-efficient appliances. Though it’s a good practice, there’s much more you could do about it if you have the advanced Zonpower smart hybrid system installed in your home.

Just imagine the scenario where you are generating your own electricity with clean and renewable solar energy. What if we say that you can store the excess energy and use it later whenever you need it? Sounds interesting? That’s the beauty of the Zonpower hybrid solar systems. Zonpower systems have a Hybrid DC inverter & DC appliancesHybrid DC inverter can be connected to the grid as well as solar. The zero-maintenance inbuilt lithium-ion battery can be charged through the grid or solar to help you store the excess energy produced during the day. This way you can also reduce the energy that you use from the grid during the most expensive peak hours to significantly reduce your electricity bill.

Quick info: Using Intelizon’s Zonpower smart hybrid system could save you an average of Rupees 5000 to 10000 a year

Quick info: Using Intelizon’s Zonpower smart hybrid system could save you an average of Rupees 5000 to 10000 a year

Hybrid DC Inverter for 24×7 supply of electricity

In most of the developing countries, the government has made mandatory power cuts during certain times of the day. Now that’s something which can be predicted based on the notice. But what about those surprise power cuts which you aren’t planned for? Here’s where you understand one of the prime benefits of Zonpower smart hybrid systems.

If you have Zonpower installed at your home, it means that you also have electricity stored in your hybrid DC inverter. During a power cut situation, you can easily start using the stored solar energy to power all your essential home appliances with the flick of a switch. As an added benefit, Zonpower is very easy to install with its connector based cables.

Wide range of DC appliances

One of the most beneficial advantages of Zonpower smart hybrid systems is that it comes with a wide range of DC home appliances such as bulbs, tube lights, ceiling fans, pedestal fans, and television. The best part about these home appliances is that they run on DC electricity. This simply means that these appliances run on direct solar power and requires no DC to AC conversion. The home appliances we use in general are all AC appliances that would require a DC to AC converter if they are supposed to run on solar power.

The use of DC appliances has even more advantages to it. For example, using the DC appliances that come with Zonpower will give you 50% to 90% more efficiency in comparison to the regular AC appliances.

In short, while your neighbours are bungling to find a torchlight during a power out, you can stay chill at home and enjoy your favourite tv show, knowing the fact that you’ve got enough power stored to easily make it through the night

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