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Villas in Bangalore beautified by our wireless solar street lights

The beauty of a villa is well enhanced by the interior and exterior lighting it is crowned with. A bunch of villas on Vakil garden Kanakapura road in Bengaluru stood in the darkness of waning and waxing moonlight. The darkness undermined the beauty of these villas and the paths merely visible to be walkable. That is when the members of the community contacted a local lights dealer to light up their layout.

The local dealer contacted Intelizon’s OEM channel partner at Bengaluru. The channel partner took up the task of installing the solar lights all around the villas.

Vakil garden Kanakapura

The lithium-ion battery-powered solar street stands with no requirement of grid power, thus requires low cabling and unlike conventional street light eliminates the need for huge underground or overhead cabling. Hence it is a wireless, standalone solution. The reflectors and lens deployed in the lights produce higher light intensity at a comparatively low wattage and increase the aesthetic appeal of the lights. They do not require much attention and manual effort to be switched on and off. They get switched on when they detect fading light and switched off when the dawn sets in each morning. They illuminate the perimeter of villas making it convenient for the residents over there to commute and live safely.

It’s been two years since the installment of various models of solar street lights in this area. There is not a single complaint from the community people. Instead, they are thankful for the hassle free, maintenance free solution providing safety and security to the community.

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