Pay-as-you-go (PAYG) is a billing method, which allows a user to pay in advance for those services which he/she is interested in.  On the PAYG platform, many companies are running their businesses from diverse domains, such as hospitality, banking, finance and most popular is telecommunication companies. The credit that has been purchased in advance is used to pay for the services when those are availed or consumed.  If an adequate amount of credit is not available at the time of availing the services, users might not be granted access to those services by the business process outsourcing companies.

In the modern off-grid energy market there are a few companies offering PAYG solar home systems products. These products are gaining popularity in Africa and other rural markets as it allows the distributor to offer products on a leasing model. It allows the user to pay based on their budget and requirement of a product/service helping them avoid thehigh upfront payments.

PAYG, as the name suggests, allows customers to buy off-grid solar electricity home systems- solar DC inverter, solar panel & appliances on a pay-as-you-go basis. The software and hardware is installed in the system box. At Intelizon, we are developing PayG systems using SMS communication and other unique features which will allow seamless operation for the distributor and consumer.

Features of Pay G

PayG is a big step towards bringing the 1.2billion people globally who are off-grid or face unreliable electricity supply.

At Intelizon, it is coming soon !!!

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