The introduction of Lithium-ion battery technology in outdoor solar lighting overcomes all the problems faced with grid and lead-acid based lights, providing the world with a hassle- free and desirable option. Intelizon has diversified product portfolio with a wide range of applications which can be efficiently used in the commercial space. Some of the applications of our products in the commercial space can be listed as follows:

Outdoor – Commercial Solar Led Street Lights

Commercial campuses need exterior lighting for lighting up pathways, perimeter lighting as well as safety. Zonstreet has a variety of models which cater to various outdoor lighting requirements. The wireless solar lighting provides independence from the grid and is the lowest cost solution for greenfield locations where one can save on the expensive underground cabling.
Our inbuilt CCTV based models provide the best in class surveillance and security. One can now avoid the additional cabling, monitoring, and storage costs associated with traditional CCTV cameras. The lights have an inbuilt wifi control for health monitoring. Using our in- house app one can monitor and control the lights as per requirements to not only provide the desired lighting but also enhance the system performance.

Industrial Outdoor Solar Lights

Energy consumption is the highest in the industrial sector, which involves high costs. A huge potential to save energy and cut costs by moving to Solar lighting. Many industries use grid based outdoor lights and provide power backup via diesel generators or inverters. This is a very expensive solution. The backup is also shared between the production equipment and the outdoor lights leading to compromise on production output at times. Our high power solar industrial lights with inbuilt lithium ion battery are the perfect standalone wireless solution for outdoor lighting. It not only saves electricity but also removes the need for generators or inverters for the outdoor lights.

The applications of our products could be further summarized:

And many more.
Till date, our products have been successful in saving a significant amount of energy and will continue to increase to a great extent thereby impacting many lives and making earth a better place to live.
Solar Light for Remote/Rural Areas
Nearly 70% of Indian population lives in rural/remote areas. Even today, most of these places are deprived of electricity and kerosene lamps, candles, lanterns etc… are their primary sources of lighting.
Intelizon strives to lighten up their lives through their solar products which are highly efficient, which require less maintenance, eco-friendly, harmless and affordable. Rural and remote locations benefit greatly from our solutions as solar is a wireless technology and the lowest cost approach in many locations due to unavailability of a reliable grid structure.
Solar street lights in rural areas has a huge impact as it provides reliable outdoor lighting which improves the living conditions by providing safety to women and children. It also allows communities to engage in activities after sunset thus enhancing livelihood and improving income potential. Zonstreet, our flagship solar LED streetlight has been installed in many villages of India and Africa and has impacted over 2.6 million lives to date.
Solar Energy Application Examples
And many more.
Outdoor Lighting in the Residential Space
Single family homes or apartment/villa complexes have a need for perimeter lighting as well as a surveillance camera. Our Zonstreet++ series is a solar LED streetlight with inbuilt camera and remote monitoring and control system. It provides a perfect wireless solution for homes and communities with monitoring from the comfort of your home or office or any remote location via a mobile-based app system.
And many more.
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