Outdoor Solar Lighting Protecting the Protectors of the Nation

Sleep peacefully in your homes for the Indian Army is guarding the frontiers. These are the words painted onto a signboard on the roads in the border region in Kashmir. Whether we are mindful of the army’s sacrifices for the nation or not, they do go through severe conditions at the Line of Control straddling the border with Pakistan. Have you ever given thought about the intricacies faced by our brave army men on the frontier?


Troubles at the Border

Their primary concern along the border being security, the armed forces suffer bad weather, inedible food, connectivity issues, power cuts, unsafe living conditions and many more. More specifically, the army and the national boundaries are vulnerable to intruders and terrorist activities. Having outdoor lights that stay lit throughout the night is of paramount importance. A single power cut could make them turn into sitting ducks for the enemy to attack. Hence their security is compromised when power cut prevails at night.

There are many burdens of using the conventional lead-acid battery based outdoor lighting solutions. It requires high maintenance and lengthy cabling along with being connected to the grid which extremely difficult in remote outposts. The traditional lights also have to be regularly cleaned and mounted back on the poles which takes an immense amount of effort from the troops. Maintaining a single outdoor light can already seem like an inconvenience; imagine having to regularly clean and maintain hundreds of lights for too many kilometers along the border. These are the reasons why traditional lights are rendered an additional burden for border security.

Light up the Border with Zonstreet

Intelizon’s channel partner in Jammu and Kashmir sketched a plan and decided to take positive action in helping out our national protectors. He contacted the authorities and introduced them to the reliable outdoor lighting solution, the Zonstreet. It is the perfect off-grid solution that is resistant to extreme weather as well as immune to short circuits, power cuts, and unexpected grid failures. The system requires low maintenance and zero cabling. It has the power to efficiently use solar energy and run indefinitely by automatically turning on and off during dawn and dusk respectively. It is the perfect outdoor lighting solution for the army.

Here’s What the Jawans Have to Say

The jawans were mighty impressed by the lithium-ion technology that can survive the harsh border conditions with minimal maintenance. The system is tough; really tough. The jawans were amazed by its performance rarely needing any sort of maintenance. One of the commanders commented to our channel partner, “Zonstreet is perfect yaar! We don’t need to waste our time with maintaining bad lights anymore. Now even we feel protected as the lights never fail to turn on even when there are any power cuts. It is completely independent and helps us continue doing our job safely.” What was extremely useful for the border force was the automatic On/Off feature which controls the lighting system automatically at the correct time every day. The self-autonomy feature also helps the light run for longer hours with enough battery backup at all times. The Northern regions face a lot of cloud and foggy conditions due to the mountains but the Zonstreet runs perfectly well even on partial charging.

A New Friend – A New Protector

The initial order for the solar lights was for 20 units. As the jawans got used to the lights, they became a part of their everyday life and they were ever grateful for having technology that so helpful to them in the conflict zones.  The next orders increased in volumes and the Zonstreet was installed at many more boundary walls, children’s parks, cantonment gates and premises. It is a matter of pride for Intelizon Energy to have the privilege of serving the protectors of the nation in their times of need.

Join the growing list of Zonstreet customers whose simple feedback is – ‘It keeps working!’

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