No more misconceptions, choose the more efficient Solar Rooftop System

Misconceptions Over Solar Rooftop System

Solar energy is greatly influencing the world’s energy market today. Just like in any other field, solar energy also has its own misconceptions. These misconceptions can greatly influence your decision of choosing a Solar Rooftop System. Let’s look at some of the most common misconceptions that are associated with solar energy.

Misconception no.1:  Not really energy efficient

A properly installed Solar Rooftop System is way more dependable than the widely used grid electricity. Off-grid solar systems, be it in-home or business, are immune to power failures. They are more reliable as there are no mobile components on solar setups. Before we think of underestimating the solar technologies, let us bring this to your notice that many of the major systems such as traffic signals, warning lights, street lights, etc can be completely powered by modern solar innovations.

Maintenance is the key to get the maximum life out of Solar Rooftop Systems. Dust and debris are two factors that could have an impact on solar power efficiency. Without proper maintenance, environmental conditions such as heavy winds, snow, etc could even damage the solar panels. Hence, along with installing the Solar Rooftop System, make sure to maintain them to enjoy the efficiency.

Misconception no.2: Compromised quality

Competition is everywhere! When it becomes a race, solar energy-based products are no exception to be known as cheap in terms of quality. That’s why it’s extremely important to know your product before you buy it. Not just about the functionalities, but also about the ratings and reviews in the market.

Better customer support is the key here to know more about your products’ post-purchase. Not only your maintenance but also your life becomes easy with a well functioning and organized customer support.

Intelizon Energy is changing the industry trends with its Solar Rooftop Systems and our extended customer support. 

Misconception no.3: High maintenance

If you’ve read ‘Misconception no.2’, you must have by now got an idea of the impacts of ‘no maintenance’ on energy efficiency. The cost involved is definitely a factor but when looked at it a ‘long-term’ point of view, it isn’t really much of a difference. Do your math on this and you’ll know why. In short, the initial cost might be higher but long term benefits are incomparable. ‘Solar is always better’ and you know it too.

Though the solar panels are fixed in one place, maintenance is important. It doesn’t require confusing types of equipment, just removing the dust from the solar panels will make sure that the sun rays aren’t blocked. Sometimes it’s dust, some other times it’s the shade. You can also see to it that the panels are placed in such a way that the shades aren’t blocking the rays at any point of the day. This will increase the performance of your Solar Rooftop System.

Misconception no.4: Doesn’t function as it is supposed to be

In almost every case of malfunction, it could be the battery that’s giving you the trouble. An off-grid Solar Rooftop System will last over 20 years. But that isn’t the case with your battery. So knowing the product is, again, very very important. We cannot blame the whole Solar Rooftop System just because the battery ran out.

Intelizon uses Lithium-ion Batteries in its products for reduced maintenance and increased life. Lithium-ion batteries can benefit you more and get the best of your solar systems.

Intelizon Energy is a Solar Energy Based company providing innovative solutions to your energy needs. We hope you enjoyed busting some of the misconceptions regarding Solar Rooftop Systems.

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