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A worldwide network of power generation sources and electrical industries generating and distributing energy to the whole world is a possibility. When we couple such a solution to Solar Energy Technologies and Integration into power grids, we could have a Worldwide module, either centered on Solar or a combination of other sustainable energy production methods.

News update on A Worldwide Solar Energy Module

Why are Worldwide solutions for Energy Production so lucrative??

In the age of the internet, everything is growing more and more connected. More countries gain access to technology every day. The largest example of unified progress can be seen now with the European Union, a network of 28 countries inclusive and not exhaustive of France, Spain, Germany, Italy, Sweden, and Switzerland. These countries are major players in some important fields of development, some examples are German engineering, Sweden’s education system, and the likes. Depending on the sharing of progress is a key factor, making sharing of resources also viable is a key aspect of tackling environmental, political and economic issues. So a network of power generation sources and electrical industries generating and distributing energy to the whole world is a possibility that researchers have been entertaining for a while now.

Can Worldwide Energy Modules be achieved?

For the progression and pioneering of technologies to increase and gain traction in fixing the glitches and coming up with solutions to integrate them into a worldwide module, there is a need for information concerning the performance of the technology over local, regional and global geographical limits. Since with Solar Energy being already implemented over local and regional areas, moving on to the next step requires years of collective data of the efficiencies, problems, troubleshooting and other semantics of running Solar panels over a network. This information is finally available now, along with around 40 years of global radiation, temperatures, and weather data.

Does weather play an important role?

All renewable sources of energy, with the exception of biologically produced energy, are a direct consequence of weather-related phenomenon. Even bio-forms of energy are indirectly affected by weather patterns. Especially for Solar, the temperature on the day and the number of clouds or the humidity of the air all have direct consequences on the energy produced. So it is the obvious inference that weather plays one of the most important roles in the search for a worldwide module for energy production. Whether the weather will be controlled or there will be innovations for different weather conditions, remains to be seen.

A Summary:

Solar energy is the most popular form of renewable and sustainable forms of energy we have at the moment. A breakthrough in the field may come in the form of a worldwide solution to energy generation by solar methods. It can also be one of the key forms in a grid integrated with other renewable forms of energy such as Hydro, Geothermal, Bio-fuels among others. As such a study of the general performance of the photovoltaics and data surrounding climatic conditions is now available for us to use in the search for a global solution to energy crises.

Intelizon is a pioneer in the industry of solar lighting systems, with an impressive range of appliances for indoor and outdoor use. We strive to create reliable solar energy production techniques, for use in rural, urban and suburban areas. We aim to offer reliable and quality electricity for all, for the progress of humankind and the inclusivity of all people everywhere to share the benefits of clean and smart energy.

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