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Need of Solar Rooftops for Commercial Buildings

We have all seen the revolution which solar energy has brought into the residential sector. However, the major place where the solar market has taken over is the commercial sector, mainly because of a steep rise in electricity bills. Hence, many commercial establishments started looking for alternative sources of electricity. And Rooftop Solar Panels have proved as the best source of renewable energy. It not only saves a lot on electricity bills but most importantly helping in maintaining our green environment.

So, let’s find out what is a solar rooftop? Solar rooftop is solar panels which we place on the top of roofs of our house, farmhouse, or a commercial complex. They capture the light energy emitted by the sun and convert them to electricity with the help of inverters. Best for keeping the environment safe and clean. A solar rooftop panel needs ample space and complete sunlight for efficient working, and during less-sunny days, batteries stored in the panels will take their place. Solar rooftop is one of the big advancements in the era of solar energy in the 21st century.

The shift towards clean, reliable, and affordable electricity in India is pretty evident in the rapid proliferation of solar panels mounted on residential areas, commercial buildings, schools, and even businesses.

Benefits of Solar Rooftops for Commercial Buildings

Go Green: Installing solar panels allows you to reduce your carbon footprint and use a free source of energy. It restricts global warming contributing towards a healthy and green environment.

Saves You from Complete Power Outages: We are always susceptible to power outages if we are dependent on electricity. However, if we have a solar panel installation with a battery backup and use, then your panels will continue to supply power to your building’s electrical system as long as the complete sunlight is there, and your battery backups are working perfectly.

Save on Electricity Bills: If your building has multiple multinational companies or it’s a complete commercial complex, then imagine the electricity it consumes the whole day. Then the best way to control your cost are Solar panels and save around 20% on your electricity bills.

Low Maintenance, Reliable Energy: Modern solar panel systems are robust with storms, winds, rain, and even extreme summer temperature and are very reliable. The average lifespan of a new solar panel system goes up to 15-25 years, depending on the type of panel. They are designed in such a way that they are resistant to high winds and strong storms and can withstand certain weather events. Monthly once the maintenance is enough by spraying water to clear dust and dirt from the solar cells.

No Additional Space is Required for Installation: Just place it on your rooftop facing south to absorb complete sunlight.

Suitable for Indian Climate: With the current situation, high pollution, and global warming, Solar Rooftops comes as a big relief. With almost 300 sunny days with clear skies, India has one of the best conditions in the world to harness solar energy.

Solar Panels or rooftops are no doubt, an excellent investment for commercial and industrial electricity users. Let’s take a pledge to Save nature by saving the depletion of fossil fuels so it can be sustained for future generations. Let’s Go Green, Go Solar.

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