Power backup for Wi-Fi Router

MicroUPS is the uninterrupted power supply for WiFi router with good power backup during power cuts. It is compact & based on lithium ion technology, a perfect solution for Work from home era, a perfect match with room aesthetics.
Aesthetic & lightweight, perfect companion for Wi-Fi router power backup – color packaging for logistic, sale & end-use
Plug-out plug-in 20secs installation. Unplug adapter from Router & connect it to MicroUPS; then connect MicroUPS & router through DC cable
Everyone’s requirement during power cuts, your Wi-Fi router will never turn OFF. Enjoy uninterrupted net supply for your e-meetings

Product Features

Self-installable and aesthetic design

Compact & Light weight

Good Power backup -4hrs

Intelligent charging -1hr

Safe and child-friendly system

Ideal for work from home

Technical Specifications

Design and finishing
ColorIFB White
MaterialABS Plastic
Especially designed forWork from Home
e-meetings, webinar, skype
Rural/ Urban Home & Shops
TypeDC Inverter-grid powered
Extra feature/accessory incl.
Cables2pin DCJ(F) to DCJ(F) 1m cable
Indication2LED indicators
Green LED - for Charging
Red LED -for Battery low
Technical specifications
Load connection points1No. For Wi-Fi Router only
Maximum load capacity15W
Input Voltage12V
DC load voltage range9-12V output
Battery (Inbuilt Lithium ion )25WH
Backup hours>4hrs
Lifetime≥1,000 cycles (Battery)
Charging Time1hr
IP protectionIP20
Product dimensions & weight
LXWXH130x70x30 mm
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