McKinsey Report Predicts Tremendous Global Growth for Solar Energy

The tremendous growth in the solar energy sector is predicted by McKinsey & Company in the days to come. According to their reports, solar power can surge up to 60 times, between the years 2015 to 2050. This latest report envisages & points out the dominant nature of solar power within the global renewable energy industry. McKinsey’s reports are highly valued in the industry since they are one of the world’s largest management & financial consultancies.


Global Energy Transformation: A Roadmap to 2050 (GET2050)- This report also concludes with a similar point of view. The International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) reporting the total capacity of current renewable energy in the world accounts for 26 percent & which surge to almost 85 percent by the year 2050. It is estimated that a whopping 60 percent will come from solar & wind power.

Declining Costs of Solar Cells – One of the reasons as to why the production of solar energy is widely & rapidly developing is due to the declining costs of solar cell & storage capacity of the energy. Data shown by McKinsey’s between the years 2012 & 2017 reveal that the cost of the battery fell almost by 15 percent every year. It totally declined by almost 50 percent during this period. It is also predicted that installation cost per kWh of the energy storage system, system storage system engineering design & technology along with continuous improvement of manufacturing scale will be reduced by about 55 percent by the year 2025. It is also predicted that the cost of the composition by the battery will fall more than 50 percent by the year 2025.

Voices around the World

People who are aware of the growth & potential of sustainable energy think that countries around the world are on an expedition to access renewable energy. One reason for this is that this type of energy is more universal & affordable nowadays. The rapid development of solar energy products & the industry depends upon cost reduction of solar cells which are the core of the issue. Another aspect of the development of the solar energy market will also be able to spur improvements in solar energy technology. Conversation efficiency rate is one of the key driving factors for the development of solar energy, especially when it comes to thin-film solar energy.

Innovative Applications of Solar Energy

Some of the most innovative & popular solar energy applications these days are solar street lights, solar home systems & solar power farming. The first two in the list are basically solar products & solar farming is harvesting solar energy in a large scale. There are many other product innovations in the solar sector, but solar street lights & solar home systems are in the limelight.

Zonstreet CCTV from Intelizon

Zonstreet CCTV is a solar based perimeter street lighting. This is a street light plus surveillance outdoor lighting system with inbuilt CCTV & LED running on solar energy along with a light sensor, inbuilt dimmer & lithium ion battery. Integrating a camera to this solar street light provides a state-of-the-art surveillance system effectively combined with outdoor street lights.

Zonstreet IoT is the Most Innovative Outdoor Solar Street Light

Based on the internet of things, this is the most innovative solar street lights. It has an inbuilt GSM card which takes it to the next level of outdoor solar lighting solutions. With Zonstreet IoT you can remotely monitor & control outdoor solar street lights with help of an app on your mobile phone. Other exciting features of Zonstreet IoT include self-autonomy, motion detection, remote control, remote monitoring & system health. Zonstreet IoT is an ideal solar solution for factories, petrol pumps, campuses, villages & communities.

Zonpower Home Solar Systems

Zonpower Home Solar System is a lithium-ion based DC system which is excellent for powering fans, lights, chargers & DC television sets in some cases. Zonpower DC system is an inverter less solution which helps you save almost 90% of power due to efficient DC loads. Remote controlled dimming of fans & tube lights are other features of Zonpower Home Solar System. Zonpower is easy to install & a scalable system as well.

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