Make Huge Savings on Electricity Bills with Solar Rooftop Systems

It is a fact of modern living that all households, institutes & industries require continuous & regular access to power for various reasons. With intermittent or absolutely no grid electricity, Solar Rooftop Systems are now being designed for providing electricity to homes, offices & factories. Moreover, since solar rooftop systems are modular & involve construction, they can effectively be customized for generating & providing solutions which are specifically based on individual requirements. 

Decisive Factors for Solar Rooftops 

  • Rooftop Area – Rooftop area which is available for solar panel is one of the deciding factors. However, most factories would have enough rooftop area for housing a solar PV plant which can meet a substantial portion of their power requirements. Ample space which is available in almost all roofs covering industrial sheds can be productively utilized for generation of solar energy. Home solar power system is another feasible solution which are available as off-grid or grid-tie modules.
  • Load Requirements – There are lot of intensive processes like manufacturing, assembling, processing & repairing which the working of industries address. Most of these works are supported very high level of energy consumption involving chillers, compressors, motors & others. It is therefore quite critical to identify which type of loads can be effectively supported by solar power generation.
  • Factory Timings – This is another aspect which is important since most factories work in shifts & would therefore also need power during the night time when solar PV plants may not be able to support their requirements. This is why a thorough cost benefit analysis of solar rooftop systems along with energy storage solutions needs to be prepared at the start itself.

Ideal Benefits of Solar Rooftop Systems
Depending upon the type of application, there are several benefits associated with solar rooftop systems. Although benefits may differ depending whether it is required for residential, commercial or industrial purposes, some of the key aspects are enumerated below.

  • Financial Benefits – Saving over electricity bills is assured with switching for solar energy. As per studies conducted, minimum savings start at 10 percent & can lead up to 40 percent as well. More Savings on energy with solar power eventually translates to More Earning!
  • Green Efficient Buildings – By using solar rooftop systems for commercial or industrial facilities you can pass these benefits to business prospects too. Several companies from all around the world are moving to solar energy & preferring partnering other companies which are also environment friendly. You too can add a message in your company profile claiming that certain amount of your energy requirements are met through solar rooftop plant & the percentage of carbon emission you are able to save due to this.
  • Saving Environment – By using solar power, you are reducing power consumption which you would have used from the power company. Power companies commonly use coal or non-renewable energy resources for generating power. With help of solar energy you are using less energy from the grid, which in turn means that you are saving non-renewable energy resources.
  • Predictable Power Tariff – Expense on solar energy is quite predictable & may remain such for decades. On the other side, your grid or power company rates are bound to go up over the next 20 years. Your solar energy provider can give you a breakup of the fixed costs & estimates of routine maintenance & repair expenses.

Home Solar Power Systems from InteliZon

Home solar power systems can begin from about 100 watts & go up to 100+ kilowatts for commercial & industrial applications. Moreover, a typical 4-member home solar power system can combine a good mix of solar & grid power by installing a 1KW solar rooftop panel. It is time to make this change. InteliZon is here to help you do this. Just call us & we will be glad to make your home eco-friendly, like we have done for many others

Make Huge Savings on Electricity Bills with Solar Rooftop Systems
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