MicroUPS for Wifi Router

Made in India MicroUPS for Wifi Routers

Work from home an interesting concept, a blessing in disguise, I wonder how many of us are eager to go back to our rural nestlings and unwind while we work.

However the fear of constant power outages leading to internet downtime threatening your productivity is utmost in our mind which forces you to be locked down in the concrete jungle in spite of the new found freedom we have.

This case is not just pandemic specific. Even on normal days we have always avoided trips to nature camps and rural catchments for the fear of losing connectivity with our world which might lead to business or professional hiccups.

Thanks to UPS it did address our concerns but we always stayed away from it due to lack of aesthetic value and the size which often kept us away from it.

The latest introduction of microUPS addresses all the concerns of frequent travelers and the seekers of aesthetic value in a product apart from the benefits it offer.

THE POCKET SIZED POWER BANK: A power packed gadget which can fit into your pocket and acts as a power backup to your wifi router, how does it sound? Well it is now a realty; the Micro UPS which is as big as your cell phone acts as your savior during power cuts.

The small bundle of wonder jumps to life within 20 seconds all you need to do is Unplug adapter from Router & connect it to the Intelizon Micro UPS and then connect the Micro UPS & router through DC cable, and see your internet connection work seamlessly without a wink.

It is safe to carry on all your planned and unplanned trips so that you will always stay in touch with those which matters to you.

BACK UP: It gives a whopping 4 hours backup good enough to complete your important files and put it back in the socket to recharge for another trip. It is based on lithium-ion technology which gives it the edge over others.

INTELLIGENT CHARGING: An hour of charging is good enough to keep you on the move, so next time before you plan your trip include the micro UPS and you will see that you have not compromised on your any of your favorite destinations.

AESTHETIC VALUE: A cool phone or laptop with a un-cool backup does not fit the frame, while we hunt the market the backup you carry along should not be far behind. The Intelizon micro UPS comes in an aesthetically alluring white color which is hard to resist.

The latest from the staple of Intelizon is exclusively Made In India factoring in all aspects of today’s fast life, it is sophisticated powerful and light weight an all inclusive package.

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