Lithium Ion battery

The Nobel Price for 2019 was awarded to the scientists who developed Lithium-ion (Li-ion) batteries. This in itself is a testimony to its widespread usage and benefits over conventional lead acid and nickel metal hyrdride chemistries.


It is a practically maintenance-free battery

  • Maintenance-free
    This is especially useful for remote and rural areas where solar streetlights and home systems are widely used. Once installed, the systems keep working without the need for further maintenance.
  • Fast charging
    These batteries can be charged at high rates of 1C (and higher with special cells) without significant impact on their life.
  • Long cycle life
    Good cells with proper BMS and system design can easily provide over 2000 cycles. In the case of soalr streetlights which experience one cycle a day, this translates into a 5 year life.
  • High Energy Density
    The high energy desnity results in 5 to 10X smaller size for the same capacity compared to other chemistries like lead acid. This implies less weight and volume which is critical for electric cars, solar streetlights, home systems and a wide rang eof other applications.
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