Internet-of-Things (IoT) for Smart Solar Street Lights

IoT connected lighting has made it safer, greener & smarter to manage solar power. In fact, conventional grid outdoor lighting is one of the most expensive infrastructure assets which often consume about half of the city ’s total

energy budget. This is why governments around the world under pressure to become energy efficient are looking towards IoT which can deliver immediate benefits.


Energy-Efficient LED Light Fixtures

Several cities have already started replacing conventional luminaries with energy-efficient LED light fixtures. There are several benefits to centrally monitoring & controlling of an intelligent network of outdoor LED lights including the following.

Connected lighting infrastructure will lay a foundation for a wide range of smart applications that will improve safety, efficiency & quality of life. Connected outdoor smart lighting networks will also provide a platform for video surveillance & much more.

Proven Reliability of Smart Solar Street Lights

Smart solar street lights are reliable, simple to deploy & can reach almost anywhere. You can develop a unified IoT infrastructure for lighting & other value-added solutions. Here are some of the other aspects of smart solar street lighting.

Intelizons’ IOT Based Solar Street Lights

With InteliZons’ Zonstreet now having an inbuilt communication card, smart outdoor solar street lighting just got smarter. This is the next level of outdoor solar street lighting solution where you can remotely monitor & control the system through your mobile phone or desktop. The communication options are SMS, wifi, bluetooth and hotspot. Other advantages which come with Zonstreet IOT are self-autonomy, motion detection, remote control, remote monitoring & overall system health checkup. With over 5 years of field operation, Zonstreet IOT has proved to be extremely reliable. Most ideal locations where Zonstreet IOT can be applied are factories, petrol pumps, campuses, villages & communities. This is the next generation of GSM-based solar street lighting solution which is bound to change the landscape of wireless lighting in the days to come.

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