Intelizon’s Solar Outdoor Lighting Solutions Installed at Hindustan Zinc Ltd.

Industries have been long known to cause environmental damage. The carbon footprint has only increased over the years due to the toxic smoke and fumes that are released into the atmosphere. Over the years, environmental pollution by industries and factories has led to a rise in respiratory-related diseases across the globe. In order to generate more electricity using coal, forests are mined and felled in the process. The destruction has been devastating to plant, animal and human life.

Intelizon’s Solar Outdoor Lighting Solutions Installed at Hindustan Zinc Ltd.

Due to lobbying, renewable energy has never been given a fair chance. There were a number of speculations about how renewable energy is not an option that is completely viable. However, times are changing and we as a society are forced to take a positive step to build a cleaner and greener planet as the fate of our planet lies on the brink of extinction. Intelizon lighting solutions has shown the world that it is not only highly possible to run industries on renewable energy, but also that the positive effects are undeniable.

Hindustan Zinc Ltd.

One of the world’s leading producers of lead, zinc, cadmium and silver is a mining company called Hindustan Zinc Ltd. Their branch in Yashad Bhawan, Udaipur is leading the way to a safer and cleaner environment-friendly world. After a good deal of research, the organization has come to the conclusion that renewable energy solutions are the best way forward. Being a company that takes their business ethics seriously, Hindustan Zinc Ltd. wanted to enhance all their operations such as smelting and mining by utilizing sustainable technologies.

Hindustan Zinc Ltd. installed 60 Intelizon Zonstreet solar lights on its premises. The lights are not attached to any grid or power source. Due to this, there is absolutely no non-renewable energy usage or wastage. Furthermore, the lights have been proven to be very safe to use since there is no risk of getting electrocuted. The only power source for the lights are solar panels that are placed at appropriate angles to face the sun.

Why Zonstreet Lights?

Intelizon turned out to be the solar lighting company of Hindustan Zinc Ltd.’s choice due to their proven reliability and the use of high-end technology.

Feedback on Intelizon’s Solar Zonstreet Lights

They say that actions speak louder than words and Intelizon has reasons to celebrate. After the installation of Intelizon Zonstreet lights at Hindustan Zinc Ltd., Yashad Bhawan, has been awarded the highly-prestigious CII-IGBC Platinum Green building award. This has been a positive step in the recognition of the role played by Intelizon to prove that renewable energy is a viable solution for a greener and sustainable planet.

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